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A career in psychology has risen beyond prediction due to many reasons. The pandemic led to many mental health related issues, giving rise to a great demand of jobs for psychologists and counsellors. The new age technology and innovation has also nurtured the growth of many specific and creative job roles in this domain like Genetics counselors, Market research analyst, engineering psychologists, personalized drug development and so on. Other specialized careers like sports psychologist, Gero-psychologist, substance abuse counselor, forensic psychologist etc have also emerged widely as interdisciplinary domains. 

How to build on the subject: 

Along with the school curriculum which includes both theory and practical work, a student needs to have an overall understanding of human functioning. This general awareness can be enhanced by participating in relevant workshops, attending webinars or seminars, participating in summer camps related to the subject development, internships in related field. The student can also watch subject specific movies and documentaries to enhance the subject knowledge and understanding of real life issues and how to solve them by applying psychological principles. 

Admission and Entrance Exams

A student is suggested to take up psychology as a subject in high school, although after class 12, she/he is eligible to take admission in any undergraduate college of India offering a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and followed by a Master’s degree in Psychology.   

The admission in most of the colleges and Universities are through the CUET platform and few colleges accept admission through university-specific entrance exams. 

How to prepare for the entrance exam

UG Psychology

The CUET syllabus (2022) for psychology is based on the following areas that are covered in the Psychology curriculum of high school.There will be one Question Paper which will have 50 questions out of which 40 questions need to be attempted.

Topics to be covered: Variations in Psychological Attributes, Self and Personality, Meeting Life Challenges, Psychological Disorders, Therapeutic Approaches, Attitude and Social Cognition, Social Influence and Group Processes, Psychology and Life and Developing Psychological Skills. The syllabus is available on the official portal of CUET.

The syllabus is available at the official portal of CUET:

PG Psychology

The CUET PG syllabus (2022) for psychology is based on 13 areas that are covered in the Psychology curriculum of high school and undergraduate degree. 

Topics to be covered: Introduction to Psychology, History of Psychology, Schools of Psychology, Biological Bases of Behaviour, learning, memory, sensation and perception, emotion and motivation, intelligence, personality, Psychological testing, life span development, abnormal and clinical psychology, Statistics for psychology. 

The syllabus is available on the official portal of CUET.

Exam pattern

UG level

At UG level the CUET exam is computer based. In section 1A there are13 languages  available from which the student can choose  i.e.Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, English, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu. Section 1B is optional and for students who want to opt for another language apart from the ones that are a part of Section 1A. Some of the languages on offer are French, Arabic, German, etc. 45 minutes is allotted for this domain and 40 questions are to be answered out of 50 questions. 

Section II is based on the domain subject psychology. 40 MCQ are to be answered out of 50 MCQ. 45 minutes is allotted for this domain. 

Section III is based on General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts arithmetic/algebra geometry/mensuration) Logical and Analytical Reasoning. 60 questions are to be answered out of 75 questions and 60 mins are given for this section.

Students are marked 1 for each correct answer and -0.25 for each incorrect answer.

PG level

At PG level the CUET exam is computer based and the medium of instruction is English or Hindi. The total marks is 400 and a correct answer is marked +4 where as a wrong answer leads to negative marking of -1. The exam is only administered once a year. 

Do I need to take coaching for CUET psychology?

Students who are willing to appear for CUET, coaching will provide them a higher rate of success. As a result, opting for offline or online coaching for CUET, enhances your chances of performing better. It, ultimately, makes you ready for the exam in a specific way. Solving previous years question papers and appearing for mock tests are also an effective way of preparation. 

  • leading Universities for psychology in India as ranked by JC_CCD


  1. Ambedkar University 

  2. SNDT University, Mumbai 

  3. Fergusson college-Pune

  4. Delhi University 

  5. Christ University-Bangalore 

  6. Mumbai University: 

  7. Sri Sri University-Cuttack 

  8. MS University-Baroda 

  9. Christ University-Bangalore 

  10. Mount Carmel- Bangalore 

  11. OP Jindal University

  12. Ashoka University

  13. DAVV-Indore 

  14. Jamia Millia Islamia 

  15. Central University-Karnataka

  16. MCM-DAV College for Women – Chandigarh

  17. Panjab University 

  18. Pune University 

  19. Amity University-Noida

  20. Nizam College-Hyderabad  

  21. Gautam Budha University-Greater Noida 

Top Universities for PG Psychology in India 

  1. Delhi University  

  2. Jamia Millia Islamia-Delhi 

  3. Ambedkar University-Delhi

  4. Tata Institute of Social Science-Mumbai 

  5. Christ University-Bangalore 

  6. SNDT University-Mumbai 

  7. Central University-Karnataka

  8. M.S. University-Baroda 

  9. Indian Institute of Psychology & Research-Bangalore 

  10. Pune University 

Note: IIT-Delhi and Gandhi Nagar offers MSc in Cognitive Science and a student can apply obtaining 55% in Bachelor’s degree from any stream. 

CUET Counselling: 

The CUCET counselling will be conducted by each of the participating university separately through online mode. Qualified candidates will have to register themselves in the website of participating university through online mode. All universities have their own eligibility criteria for offering the admissions.

Recommended books and Online Resources

  • N.C.E.R.T Class XI and XII Psychology Textbook

  • Introduction to Psychology by Robert Baron

  • Introduction to Psychology by Morgan and KIng

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