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Study Abroad

Unlock Your Global Future Expert Guidance

Your dreams don't have borders. At the Jitin Chawla Centre for Career Development, we empower students to build fulfilling careers. Our approach blends your interests, aptitudes, personality, and the latest market trends for strategic decision-making. It's not just about choosing a field; it's about charting a path to long-term success.


Discover Your Potential – Meet Your Guidance Team

Begin your transformative journey! Our experienced counselors delve into your unique goals, strengths, and what makes you stand out. We take the time to truly understand you, creating a supportive space to explore your ambitions. Parents, this is your chance to voice concerns, gain clarity on the process, and see your child's potential blossom.

Chart Your Global Course – Explore Programs & Locations

Let's uncover the world of possibilities! We'll explore countries and programs perfectly aligned with your aspirations and emerging career trends. This is where horizons expand and exciting pathways you might never have considered come into focus. Parents, witness your child's confidence grow as they discover their path. Together, we'll craft a personalized roadmap, balancing dreams with realistic considerations like budget, location, and long-term goals.


Our Commitment Continues!

The Centre for Career Development doesn't just help you get into university – we help you prepare to thrive. We can assist with visa applications, pre-departure logistics, and cultural orientation. Our goal is to ease the transition and empower both students and parents to feel confident about this exciting new chapter.

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  • Application Support

  • Essay crafting & guidance University selection

  • Deadlines & logistics


Profile Building

  • Profile Development

  • Identifying skills & interests Internships & projects

  • Building a standout portfolio


Career Counselling

  • ASSESS: Discovering Your Unique Path

  • STRATEGIZE: Building Your Plan

Service Area
Class 9
Class 10
Class 11
Class 12
Application Support
Begin researching universities and understanding admissions requirements.
Develop a strategic timeline for test prep, essays, and application deadlines.
Essay guidance and editing for compelling personal statements.
Complete application support, including LORs, forms, and submission.
Profile Development
Identify extracurricular interests and leadership opportunities.
Develop a well-rounded profile through clubs, activities, and community service.
Pursue passion projects (research, publications, creative work) that showcase unique talents.
Maximise impact of activities through mentorship and strategic presentation.
Summer Engagement
Skills workshops (coding, writing, public speaking) to boost college readiness.
Internships or volunteer projects for hands-on experience and resume building.
Targeted skill development for competitive programs (research projects, pre-college courses).
Application bootcamps: Essay writing, interview prep, polishing the overall profile.
Academic Exploration
Introduction to diverse career fields and the pathways to reach them.
Explore specific fields in-depth through workshops, online resources, or shadowing opportunities.
Connect academic interests to real-world careers, ensuring chosen subjects align with goals.
University research: Find programs that match interests, budget, and academic profile.
Psychometric Testing
Understanding aptitudes, interests, and personality for informed subject selection.
Gain deeper self-awareness to confirm subject choices and explore potential career paths.
Refine career focus, aligning strengths with university programs and long-term goals.
Strategic testing (if needed) to supplement application and highlight specific skills.
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The Study Abroad Checklist

Preparing to study abroad is an exciting process, and we're here to make it stress-free. Here's a comprehensive checklist to ensure you're on track:

  • Research potential destinations and programs.

  • Understand visa requirements and ensure your passport is up to date.

  • Secure health insurance and familiarise yourself with the healthcare system of your destination.

  • Plan your finances (we'll help you maximise scholarships and find cost-effective options!).

  • Arrange accommodation and travel details.

  • Prepare academically by coordinating with your current and future institutions.

  • Immerse yourself culturally to ease the transition.

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Financial Planning for Study Abroad

Financing your study abroad experience is crucial. At Jitin Chawla Centre for Career Development, we provide detailed guidance on:

  • Cost Estimation: Understand the full spectrum of expenses, from tuition to living costs.

  • Scholarships and Grants: We’ll help you identify and apply for financial aid opportunities.

  • Student Loans: Explore loan options to finance your studies.

  • Self-Sponsorship and Budgeting: Learn how to manage your finances effectively, ensuring a worry-free study experience.

  • Cultural Preparation: Adapting to a new cultural environment is an essential part of studying abroad.  We ensure you feel confident and excited, not lost in a new culture.

  • Ensuring a successful study abroad experience goes beyond academics. We're your study abroad partners, thinking of the things you haven't yet, so you can focus on the adventure!

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Conquer the IELTS with Us

Dreaming of studying at a top university abroad? Eager to secure a life-changing job opportunity in an English-speaking country? The IELTS exam stands between you and your dreams, but don't worry – we're here to make sure you pass with flying colours!

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