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Principal and Counsellor Meets

Elevate Your Career Guidance: Exclusive Events for Principals & Counsellors

In the rapidly evolving world of education, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Our exclusive events for principals and counsellors offer a unique platform for professional development, networking, and knowledge exchange within the top IB, CBSE, and ICSE communities.

Why Attend Our Events

  • Expand Your Knowledge: Gain insights into emerging career trends, best practices in student guidance, and innovative approaches to integrating career readiness into your school's curriculum.

  • Build a Powerful Network: Connect with like-minded leaders, forge partnerships, and share ideas with the best in the education field.

  • Enhance Student Outcomes: Discover new resources, tools, and strategies to empower your students to make informed decisions about their futures.

  • Boost Your School's Reputation: Demonstrate your commitment to professional development and staying on the cutting edge of career guidance practices.

Proven Success: We've proudly hosted events with esteemed institutions such as Shiv Nadar, GD Goenka, and Kothari International, consistently delivering valuable insights and fostering meaningful connections.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn, network, and grow.  Register for our next Principal & Counselor event today!

Career Fair

Career Fairs

Boost Student Success with "Confluence" Career Fairs

In today's competitive world, early career awareness is essential. Our "Confluence" (or "Fly-High") Career Fairs offer a unique and comprehensive platform for schools to empower students, engage parents, and foster a future-focused learning environment.

What We Offer:

  • Dynamic Workshops: Expert-led sessions on emerging career trends, skill development, and navigating university applications.

  • Diverse Institutions: We bring together universities, colleges, and industry representatives, giving students direct access to information and potential mentors.

  • Keynote by Mr. Jitin Chawla: Students gain valuable insights from a renowned career strategist on choosing the right path and building standout profiles.

  • Career Walkthrough Exposition: Interactive displays and materials offer a visual exploration of diverse career fields.

Benefits for Your School:

  • Enhanced Student Outcomes: Informed decision-making leads to successful university placements and fulfilling careers.

  • Educator Support: Up-to-date career resources and professional development opportunities for teachers.

  • Community Engagement: Strengthen relationships with parents and industry partners.

  • Elevated School Profile: Position your school as a leader in career preparedness.


Transform career exploration day! We handle the logistics, you focus on student impact.



Empower Students, Ignite Potential: Career Workshops for a Future-Ready Generation

In today's rapidly evolving world, career awareness and informed decision-making are essential for student success. Our comprehensive workshops empower students, parents, and educators with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complex world of careers with confidence.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Student Clarity: Workshops demystify career planning, helping students align their passions and aptitudes with fulfilling pathways.

  • Parent Partnership: Workshops foster collaboration between parents and schools, ensuring students receive informed, holistic support.

  • Opportunities Beyond the Classroom: We expose students to a wide range of traditional and emerging careers, expanding their horizons and sparking new ambitions. 

  • Best University Prep: Get a head start on profile building, resume and essay skills – crucial for competitive college admissions.

  • Reduced Teacher Workload: Our expert-led workshops save educators valuable time and offer fresh perspectives on career trends and guidance.

Workshop Features:

  • Tailored to Audience: We offer workshops for specific age groups, educational streams (Science, Commerce, Humanities), and focus areas for maximum impact.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Our presentations include information on job markets, top institutes, additional courses, free resources, complimentary camps and salary trends for each career cluster.

  • Student Engagement: Interactive activities including movement and theatre based activities and engaging Q&A sessions foster curiosity and help students envision their futures.


Partner with us to empower your students to reach their full potential. Contact us today to schedule a workshop or discuss customised options for your school.

Teachers Training

Teachers Professional Development

Empower Your Teachers, Elevate Student Outcomes: Professional Development Workshops

Intro: In a rapidly evolving career landscape, educators need the latest insights to guide students effectively. Our workshops equip your teachers with cutting-edge career knowledge, best practices, and AI tools to streamline their work and maximise student potential.

Benefits for Your School:

  • Future-Focused Faculty: We provide in-depth updates on emerging careers, trends, and university pathways, ensuring your teachers are always ahead of the curve.

  • Enhanced Student Guidance: With the most current data, your teachers can offer truly personalised advice, boosting student success and satisfaction.

  • Time Savings: Our AI training empowers teachers to create lesson plans, assessments, and personalised learning resources with unprecedented efficiency.

  • Proven Success: Our recent counsellor meet was a resounding success, with rave reviews from leading schools like Shiv Nadar, GD Goenka, and more.

Workshop Offerings:

  • Career Trend Deep Dives: Interactive sessions exploring the hottest new fields and how to prepare students for them.

  • AI for Educators: Demystify AI tools and their applications in the classroom for lesson planning, assessment, and individualised learning.

  • Best Practices in Career Counseling: Share strategies and insights gleaned from our extensive experience working with students and universities.

Call to Action:  Invest in your faculty's development and transform your school's career guidance. Sign up for our next professional development workshop today!

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