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Company Description

Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development is one of the largest educationconsultancies in India. We use comprehensive and scientific career counselling systemswhich have led to ground-breaking results and success stories in admissions worldwide,career alignments, and scholarships abroad.Job DescriptionThe Counselor is the face of the organisation in terms of client interaction.As a Studyabroad counselor, you would mainly be responsible for advising students aboutprospective study abroad programs from a growing number of available options. Thiswould involve advising them in the selection of programs compatible with their academiccurriculum, interests, and concerns, and guiding them through the application, acceptance,preparation, departure, and re-entry stages.A big part of your job would be to gain an understanding of a student’s real and perceivedchallenges with regard to academic study in different cultural environments, and helpingthem to overcome those challenges.

Skills Required

  1. An in-depth understanding of admission processes of foreign universities, with a focus on the US, the UK, Canada, Singapore, and Western Europe.

  2. Knowledge about career trends and visa information of countries that are sought out by Indian students for admission

  3. Willingness to engage and learn on the job every day.

  4. Patience and a non judgemental attitude 5.Utilizing databases to compile statistical profiles of students

Interested candidates may connect at debyani.dasan


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