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5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Advertising

The principle of advertising is to infiltrate the public minds, which are full of desires and beliefs in order to make a product memorable. It is an art of persuading people to buy a product concept by using creativity. There has been a growing sense of requirement regarding the advertising business in recent years. Here are a few reasons to pursue a profession in advertising:

  1. Explores the creative aspect of people and their minds– The creative side of a person can be sparked by the numerous opportunities available in an advertising agency. One might be unaware of their abilities, but working in the advertising profession exposes us to all diversified elements of the industry. One will have a different perspective on matters and a bigger attitude that will be treasured for the rest of our lives.   

  2. Gain knowledge of all sectors/ Become well-versed in all fields- One collaborates with a range of businesses to advertise their products, resulting in an extensive study across all industries. Advertising gives people the opportunity to develop as well-rounded individuals with skills in media, art, technology, and social interaction, making it an ideal industry for personal development. It also allows you to pick up transferable skills that will allow you to work in a variety of settings if you ever decide to exit the industry at any point in time.   

  3. Study of human psychology - Advertisers must put themselves in the shoes of their target audience and assess the response. Psychology is the study of human nature, the psyche, and the behaviour of people. Whereas, advertising is the art of persuading people to make particular purchases based on their behaviour. The amalgamation of psychology and advertising gives birth to a flourished career path. If one wants to emphasise the features, advantages, or information then the thinking method should be applied. Here the product addresses a major problem and the strategy is in line with the brand's voice as well as the target audience. Humour, excitement, and grief are all effective ways to attract people's attention.  

  4. Excellent Career Prospects - Openings at advertising departments of private and public companies are available in the advertising field. Job openings can also be found in newspapers, journals, and magazines; the commercial portion of radio or television; and market research firms, among other places. Working as a freelancer is also an option. Some of the primary employment prospects in this industry include advertising manager, sales manager, public relations director, creative director, copywriter, and marketing communications manager.  

  5. Meets a diverse group of people – Magic can be woven with words if one has a creative bent of mind and a strong mastery of the language. The majority of advertisements are radical and follow ethnic diversity. While the company encourages employees to make a conscious effort to involve others, it also enhances the chances of meeting a varied range of people.

Advertisement campaigns that leave an imprint on our minds:

  • Nike - “Just Do It”

  • Coca Cola - “Taste the Feeling” 

  • Amul - “The taste of India” brings us back home every single time.

  • Cadbury - “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye” to all our ‘khushiyan’ and the song has stuck in our minds forever now. 

  • Kurkure - “Tedha hai par mera hai” 

  • LIC - “Zindagi ki saath bhi, Zindagi ki baad bhi” gives us a sense of comfort. 

  • Zomato - “Never Have a Bad Meal” brightens are day! True personification of personalising their emails and social media campaigns to connect with the customers is an astounding idea.


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