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What after MBA? Best Career Options to Pursue in Management

A degree equips you with all the knowledge you need to succeed in your career, but where you apply that knowledge is entirely up to you. You have the power to go beyond the traditional path, walk the path less travelled, and let your work define you, not your qualification. 

Many students often opt for a management degree in an attempt to excel in their careers after they complete their graduation in engineering, literature, economics, commerce, and a variety of other fields. Taking a management course helps you build leadership, communication, creativity, and problem-solving skills that apply to an array of non-traditional roles. The versatility of these skills helps MBA applicants get an edge over the competition regardless of the industry they choose to grow their careers in. 

But, which career options shall you pursue after MBA? Let's have a look at some of the unconventional careers in management you can go for:


1. Business Analytics

As the data in the world is ever-increasing, so is the need to understand and analyze it.

Business Analytics is a diverse field, where people with both analytical and business skills are in demand across industries for various roles. The roles are a combination of both soft skills and hard skills.

A few career opportunities in Business Analytics are:

  • Data Analyst

  • Analytics Consultant

  • Data Visualization Analyst

  • Business Intelligence Consultant

  • Customer Insights Analyst

  • Sales Analyst

  • Marketing Analyst

  • Analytics Metrics Associate  

The average starting salary for a business analyst is 6-7 LPA.


2. Digital Marketing

As businesses transform online, the need for digital marketers has become higher than ever. Digital marketers are responsible for creating brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and generating leads through various digital channels. 

Experts in the field may take up multiple roles and use various digital channels such as digital advertising, social media, email marketing, content marketing, etc. to reach out to clients.

You can pursue the following roles in this field:

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Web Developer/ Designer

  • SEO Manager

  • SEM/ PPC Expert

  • Social Media Manager

  • Content Marketing Manager

The average salary range in this field lies between 4 to 18 LPA.


3. Health care Management 

A career in healthcare management allows you to put your equipped knowledge and skills of finance, case management, cross-cultural communication and many more into practical use.

Multiple job options are available after management in many industries which are not only limited to hospitals or hospital administrations but also include health insurance, healthcare IT, consultancy industries and many more.

You can pursue a variety of roles and jobs like:

  • Healthcare Clinic Manager

  • Health Care Administrator

  • Clinical Research Manager

  • Healthcare Finance Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Product Manager


On average, a person working in this field can earn up to 5-12 LPA.

A good healthcare system is undoubtedly the greatest asset of a country. Hence, contributing to the same through your knowledge and skills can be really beneficial for your career growth while also contributing to the benefit of humanity.


4. Marketing

Marketing is the heart of any organisation– one of the most important departments for the growth of businesses. Nowadays the way companies market their products has been on a changing spree with the evolving technology. It is not only limited to a newspaper, pamphlets or television screens but is happening on every possible platform.

Hence there is an excellent scope for a career in Marketing. Job opportunities are also available in Retail, Tourism, Banking, Hospitality, Media, Advertising, Consultancy, Market Research, etc.

You can consider pursuing the following job roles:

  • Marketing Manager

  • Brand manager

  • Asset Management

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Product Manager

  • Lecturer  

The starting salary for a fresher in Marketing ranges from 2-5 LPA, on average.


5. Sustainable Management

Sustainable Management is an upcoming field in the business industry. It provides a Holistic and critical Vision of the integration of sustainability in the way organisations are strategically and operationally managed.

The field particularly focuses on applying eco-friendly business developments and ideas to ensure stability and growth in corporate and business affairs.

It offers a variety of job options in various domains like:

  • Energy and Natural Resources Producer

  • Business Development Executive

  • Relationship Manager

  • Consultants and Specialists

  • Teacher/ Lecturer  

The salary in this field depends on the role an individual is fulfilling. On average, a person working in this field can earn up to 3-12 LPA.


6. Rural Management 

People with an inclination towards application of management principles to the rural sector, planning, organization, and control of cooperatives and related organizations in the field of agriculture, implementation of the developmental plans and projects directly or indirectly through non-governmental organizations, development needs and ground realities of the rural areas and framing of developmental strategies and policies go for this field.

Rural sector management have various job opportunities in the rural development projects, government sector, NGOs, funding agencies, voluntary groups and organizations, etc. 

The top recruiting companies for Rural Management are Nandi Foundation, Amul, PRADHAN, ICICI Bank, Parle Products, CARE, Agro Tech Foods, Seva Mandir, and others. You can also get an opportunity to work with NABARD or Grameen Bank.

You can pursue the following roles or job profiles in this field:

  • Business Development Manager

  • Vendor Development Officer

  • Rural Development Officer

  • Sales Officer

  • Research Officer

  • Sales Manager

  • National Sales Development officer


The average starting salary of a rural management professional is Rs. 3 LPA to Rs. 12 LPA.


7. Education Management 

Though an MBA conventionally is designed for individuals to lead businesses and manage organizations, its utility is not just limited to the world of business. The knowledge the students gain and the classes they take equip them with all the tools needed to perform consulting and teaching duties for various organizations.

After getting a relevant teaching certificate, PhD or required experience you can teach fully or on a part-time basis.

Along with directly working as an educator, the individual can also explore opportunities in the administration section. The expertise in your field of study and your leadership skills can help you grow your career in the education sector. 

On average, the salary lies between 80,000- 2 LPA.


8. Media and Entertainment Management

When people hear about a management degree, they often think about roles in finance or the business industry, but a career in the Media and entertainment sector is attracting the attention of Management graduates who have a flair for the entertainment industry. This field is very interesting and dynamic with a myriad of roles to offer in television, print, digital media, radio, films, live events, sports, out of home, and music.

A management degree teaches you the art of developing a wide and varied network of connections that can give you an edge in this field.

You can work with media groups like  ABP group, India Today group, Economist group, NDTV, Press Trust of India, Prasar Bharati etc. 

Some of the many roles that can be pursued here includes:

  • Media Strategist

  • Media Manager

  • Media Planning Manager

  • Digital Media Assistant

  • Digital Media Analyst 

  • Channel head

You can combine your love for entertainment along with your business school skills such as being a sales analyst for a music album, financing a documentary or a movie, or even going straight all the way out and even featuring in one.

The average starting salary for an individual opting for this is usually 5-6 LPA.

The people skills that an MBA helps you gain can really help you ace your job in the entertainment industry while also maintaining a network of industry connections!


A business degree helps you develop a business mindset that gives you a clarity of perspective, it develops your analytical ability which helps you in better decision making, it helps you with the ability of foresightedness so that you can confidently make critical career choices. Therefore, an MBA does not limit you in any way, rather it provides you with wider avenues to explore and grow your career besides conventional business, finance, and wall street!


Written by: Yukta Joshi

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