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Top Career Options after Political Science Honours in India

Socrates defined political science as a discipline that is based on making people good citizens so that they live their best lives. A good citizen is one who exhibits qualities of self-control, bravery, piety, and justice. These are the founding tenets on which, Political Science is based. It is a part of the social sciences and evaluates how politicians and governments function at the local, national, or international levels.

Political science is not a standalone discipline. Instead, history, law, geography, public policy, governance, and economics are very closely aligned with it. It is for this reason that those who wish to study Political science have muti-dimensional career options unfurling for them. Let us take a closer look at these muti-dimensional career options and the institutions at which one could study them: 

Political Scientists

Being a Political Scientists enables an individual to critically analyse government policies, regulations and matters of concerns such as country’s foreign affairs. It is a profession that provides you opportunities to work with several government and foreign delegates and also as a public relation officer for governments or private firms. Rajni Kothari a famous name in field of Political Science was a successful Political Scientist who is celebrated for his work and inspiration to those willing to make a career for themselves in the field.

To be a Political Scientists, graduates have to pursue a higher degree in Political Science. A Master’s degree or Ph.D. (not mandatory) is required to become a Political Scientist in India. 

Some Top Colleges: Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Delhi; Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi; Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi; University of Delhi, Delhi; University of Hyderabad , Hyderabad

Public Policy and Governance

Being a Public Policy and Governance professional allows an individual to closely work with government ministries and NGO’s to advise them on certain matters. As part of being a public policy and governance professional, an individual is required to research, analyse and identify different policies to solve problems in hand. One of the famous “Think Tank” appointing several Public Policy professions is NITI Aayog a part of Indian Government machinery that leads several government researches. One must pursue a Master’s degree in Public Policy to make a career in the field. 

Some Top Colleges

  • National Law School of India University 

  • Azim Premji University

  • St. Xavier’s College

  • University of Lucknow

  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences


A highly demanded course of today that a graduate in Political Science Honours degree  can choose to make a career in Corporate law, International Law, Human Rights Law, Cyber Law, Civil Law, or so on. Becoming a lawyer is a lucrative career profile as it provides individuals to work with different people and agencies in their life seeking legal advices for themselves, organizations and even private agencies. An individual must opt for a 3-year LL.B. program (3-year LL.B. can be done after a 3-year graduation degree).

Some Top Colleges: NLU Delhi, NLSIU Bangalore, Symbiosis Law School, ILS Pune & Delhi University.

International Relations Specialist

Isn’t it fascinating to study, research and analyse international affairs as part of one’s job. Being an International Relations Specialist offers you to pursue your interest in Political Science, Law Making, Immigration Policies and much more. International Relations Specialist as a career opens doors for graduates to pursue career in Government offices. Working with government officials responsible for maintain international peace and relationships with other countries. It also provides opportunities to hold high offices at Corporates for building their commercial affairs with other businesses in foreign lands.

Some Top Colleges

  • South Asian University, New Delhi (recognised by all SSARC nations)

  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata 

  • University of Madras, Chennai

  • University of Mysore 

  • Pondicherry University

  • Christ University, Bengaluru


Another choice that a graduate in Political Science Honours may pursue is a career in advertisement. Individuals who are creative and full of innovative and out of the box thinking may opt for a career in marketing and advertisements; a field of utmost important for every business around the globe. For becoming an advertiser one may pursue a M.A. degree in marketing or advertising and public relations.

Some Top Colleges: MICA, NMIMS, Symbiosis-Pune, IIMC etc.

Sustainable Development

Another choice that a graduate in Political Science Honours may pursue is to become a professional in Sustainable Development. Individuals who are empathetic to serve society and social causes without getting in bureaucracy of political work may opt for a career option in sustainable development or management. Being a professional in sustainable development allows working for betterment of society, improving conditions of people living in rural areas or enhancing the productivity of businesses. 

Some Top Colleges: IIFM Bhopal - Indian Institute of Forest Management, NITIE Mumbai, IIM Lucknow - Indian Institute of Management, TERI SAS New Delhi, Nalanda University.

Education Management

Education Management is a field that allows individuals to practise a career in administration of education system implementing and forming of new policies and directives to smoothly operate an educational institute. One may purse a Master in Education Management to pursue a career in the field.

Some Top Colleges: TISS, Jadavpur University - [JU], Kolkata, Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai, University of Lucknow, Christ University, Bangalore

Apart from this students may also write examinations and send their applications to attain a few prestigious scholarships and fellowships that help them pursue higher studies after their graduation.

Scholarships and Fellowships 

  • Junior Research Fellowship in Political Science (NET Examination)

  • APJ Abdul Kalam National Fellowship for studies on Science and Public Policy

  • Swami Vivekananda National Fellowship on Nationalism, Society and Religion

  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose National Fellowship in international relations and/or security studies

  • Post Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship Scheme For Single Girl Child

  • Dr.S Radhakrishnan Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Humanities and Special Social Sciences(including language)

  • Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship For SC/ST Candidates

In conclusion, Political science is a wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary field that offers many options for students to pursue different careers. The four major fields of political science are public administration, comparative politics, political theory, and international relations. We, at Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development, understand that choosing a career in one of these fields at a reputable institution can be a difficult task, which is why we are here to answer your questions and resolve your queries. Book a session with us to know more about Political science careers in India. 

Written by Mr. Vikram Soni - Jitin Chawla Team

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