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The Strength of a Strong Profile

It is increasingly becoming more difficult for students to gain admission to universities abroad. The issue is that most of the profiles that reach the Admissions Committee are quite similar to each other. Hence to guarantee a place amongst thousands of applications that are in line, it is important to ensure that you have a unique profile. As thousands of applications are received for a few hundred seats, competition is increasing with each passing day. Here are a few pro tips to build your profile in a fool proof way.

Highlight your USP

Many candidates will have a better academic score than you. To overcome this hiccup, you need to find out your USP and present it in front of the Admissions Committee. The way to do this is to quantify your strengths that will help you succeed in your intended program of interest. One way to validate your skills is to pursue a certification program.

Make a killer resume

As the Admissions Committee has to review thousands of applications, it is advisable to work on a resume that showcases your strengths and weaknesses at the same time. The resume should add to your resume and provide information beyond the details that are mentioned in the SOP. The resume should have grammatically correct sentences and talk about your academic achievements, certifications, social service projects, and relevant details.

The SOP needs to be eye-catching

The SOP is the right place to demonstrate your skills, passions, and the reason to pursue your intended program. It should briefly describe your career goals, academic background, and also what motivated you to pursue a particular major. Also, carry out detailed research about the university you are aiming for and how you can be an asset to that school.

It is always advisable to rope in SOP experts/counselors to help you out with your application process to favor your chances to get admission to your dream institution. Remember, these experts will help you in making the draft unique and interesting thereby helping you realize your long-cherished dream.

LORs are greatly valued

A great LOR adds so much value to your application. Request your teachers/ professors to write your LORs as they are the people who can truly evaluate your performance. Hence their assessment holds a lot of importance. LORs are primarily testaments of your academic record, communication skills, integrity, and workplace credentials. So, make them count.

Network with the university alumni

When you connect with the alumni of a particular school, you get an insight into what the Admission Committee is looking for and you can tweak your profile accordingly. It helps you to streamline the application process methodically. LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with your alma mater and help you improve in the areas that need more work. 

Knock on the professors’ doors. Not literally!!

The website of your dream institution is the place to connect with the professors and interact with them personally which will help you to showcase your interest and enthusiasm about pursuing a particular [program, thereby increasing your chances of admission.

Quantified work experience in renowned organizations is a big yes

If you have worked with an organization that is related to your program, it gives the admission committee a fair idea that you are clear with your career goals and the work experience only adds to your chances of admission. It also tells the committee about your academic proficiency in your field of interest.

Work towards building a holistic personality

Good schools are always interested in students with an all-rounded personality. So along with your academic achievements, don’t forget to highlight your leadership skills, interpersonal skills, extracurricular accolades, social service, or sports credentials. Time management and analytical capabilities are also well appreciated. In short, a diverse profile always fetches brownie points.

Publish that research paper

If you have carried out any research work, make sure you get it published. Not only does it exhibit your academic interest but also convinces the admission committee that you will be an asset to the research community at the university. It is a direct indicator of your research skills.

Go for those online courses

Pursuing online courses in your area of interest helps you gain insight into your preferred field and also adds credibility to your claim of having a fascination for your intended program. So online courses are a sure-shot way of making your application stand out amongst thousands. and are some of the famous websites that students across domains use to enhance their profiles.

The above-mentioned tips will enable you to develop a unique and competitive profile that will help the admission committee to review your application in a favorable light. Just remember, there is no better time than now to start working towards realizing your dreams. So what are you waiting for ?!!

Written by Ms. Anu Chopra- Jitin Chawla Team


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