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The Power of Expression: Why Class 10th Toppers Are Choosing Humanities

A remarkable shift is forming in the choices of India's Class 10th toppers, beyond the typical march of engineers and physicians. Once relegated to the "lesser path," the humanities are experiencing a revival in popularity, attracting bright minds eager to delve into the depths of human experience. But what explains this unexpected embracing of the written word, historical brushstrokes, and the complexity of human behavior?

More than just challenging preconceptions is at stake. This generation of young talent recognizes the power of narrative, the critical thinking abilities developed via humanities education, and the capacity to communicate effectively - talents that are essential in a world drowning in information and yearning for meaning. Let's look at what's driving this trend and what the future holds for these trailblazing humanities professors.

The World Needs Storytellers:

The human soul can be overwhelmed by the dry drone of statistics. In a society dominated by computers and spreadsheets, the humanities provide an escape route - an opportunity to engage with the complexities of human experience. Humanities grads are the storytellers, the weavers of meaning who make sense of our chaotic world, from producing fascinating historical narratives to dissecting literary masterpieces.

Consider the rise of podcasting and audio storytelling. Platforms such as Audible and Spotify are seeing an increase in humanities-related material, ranging from historical deep dives to philosophical explorations. The ability to weave a gripping tale and capture listeners' imaginations is in high demand, and Class 10th toppers, with their love of language and acute grasp of human experiences, are well positioned to seize this chance.

Programs & Universities:

University of Delhi (Cluster Innovation Centre) – BA Humanities and Social Science

Ambedkar University -Delhi (BA – Social Science)

Critical Thinkers in a Post-Truth World:

Critical thinking has become a survival skill as a result of fake news, echo chambers, and the weaponization of knowledge. The humanities, with their emphasis on questioning, evaluating, and interpreting many points of view, are the perfect boot camp for honing these critical abilities. Graduates learn to cut through the noise, distinguish fact from fiction, and develop reasoned arguments, skills that are required not only in traditional academic professions, but also in media, law, and even technology.

Consider the emerging topic of data ethics. As our reliance on algorithms grows, so does the need for individuals who can recognize and handle the ethical concerns of AI and data analysis. Humanities graduates, with their training in ethical reasoning and critical analysis, are well-prepared to confront these difficult challenges, paving the way for a future in which technology serves mankind rather than the other way around.

Programs & Universities:

IIIT(Delhi) – Computer Science & Social Science

TISS- BS Analytics & Sustainability

The Empathy Advantage:

In a society dominated by automation and efficiency, empathy is the currency that distinguishes us. The humanities, by studying art, literature, and history, promote empathy like no other discipline. Graduates gain the ability to perceive the world through the eyes of others, comprehend their motivations, and negotiate complicated emotional landscapes. This collection of talents is invaluable in industries such as counseling, social work, and even business, where strong relationships and an awareness of human needs are critical to success.

Consider the rising subject of design thinking, in which empathy is essential for developing user-centric solutions. Humanities graduates with developed empathetic abilities are finding their way to creativity and influence, from architects designing inclusive places to product developers creating apps that respond to varied needs.

Program & University:

AZIM Premji University- BA Social Science 

The Creative Revolution:

Creativity is no longer restricted to the dusty nooks of art studios. It is a crucial skill across industries in a world driven by innovation. With their emphasis on imagination, problem solving, and communication, the humanities enable students to think beyond the box and establish new paths. Creative expression is permeating every aspect of the professional scene, from creating captivating marketing copy to designing game-changing marketing initiatives.

This trend is emphasized by the rise of content creation platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Young minds with a talent for entertaining audiences and a passion for storytelling are forging successful careers via their creative expression. Not to mention the growing popularity of ad companies that specialize in "emotional branding," which harnesses the power of humanities-based narratives to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Program & University:

Mahindra University- BBA Digital Technologies 

Online Resource: NAS Academy 

The Global Citizen:

Understanding diverse cultures and ideas is no longer a luxury in a globe shortened by technology and linked by shared challenges. With its emphasis on history, language, and global studies, the humanities provide students with the tools they need to become real global citizens. They are taught to value variety, to engage in intercultural discourse, and to navigate the challenges of a globalized world.

Consider the expanding fields of development and international relations. With increased worries about climate change, poverty, and social justice, there is a greater need than ever for individuals who can understand multiple cultural contexts and bridge differences. Humanities graduates are well-positioned to contribute to developing solutions to these global concerns because of their extensive understanding of human civilizations and their interdependence.

Program & University:

Ambedkar University Delhi- BA Global Studies

The Class of 2023's embrace of the humanities is not just a personal choice; it's a reflection of a changing world that values the power.

Written by Vikram Soni- Team Jitin Chawla

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