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STUDYCATION - When all else fails, take a vacation!

When all else fails, take a vacation! 

There’s no better way than adjusting your location to increase your long term attention and concentration towards learning. Choosing different locations to study and rotating spots hardly bears any effort. Research has also shown that students who study in different locations perform much better in assessments. Therefore, if you haven’t tried out this method already, you might want to switch places to observe if your retention level is improving. Don’t forget to drop us a text sharing your pleasurable experience.

People respond differently while altering their location therefore, you should find what works best for you. Choosing where to study is a very subjective experience, however; the most important action lies in being productive. Similar to any holiday vacation that allows you to rejuvenate and detox yourself, it can also be worthwhile for you to go on a studycation somewhere unusual. This way you can sit and concentrate completely on your readings and at the same time enjoy the location. It can help you freshen up your thoughts and provide you with a comfortable environment to study efficiently. So, why not up your study game in the year 2021 by going on a studycation.

Good luck studying!!

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