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Should you pursue a career in Journalism? | Courses, Institutes, and Career Options to consider

What is Journalism?

India is defined as a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, and Democratic Republic in the constitution. All of this comes under the banner of democracy. India is the largest democracy in the world, and the existence of freedom of speech under fundamental rights and independent opinions helps form a powerful media in the country.

Under democracy, comes four pillars, namely Judiciary, Legislative, Executive, and Media. Media, the fourth pillar overlooks the former 3 pillars. It is the cornerstone of Indian democracy and plays a crucial role in a diverse society like ours.

Journalism is a part of media that mainly focuses on communicating news to the people across various genres like the economy, politics, international relations, and entertainment. There are several types of journalism with diverse mediums and audiences.


 Types of Journalism are:

  • Broadcast Journalism-  written or spoken journalism for radio or television

  • Tabloid Journalism- entertaining and fun journalism

  • Sports Journalism- journalism on topics and competitions related to sports

  • Political Journalism- coverage of all aspects of politics and political science

  • Global Journalism- a global outlook focusing on international affairs

  • Yellow Journalism- focussed on exaggerated claims or rumours


Why should you pursue a Career in Journalism?

1. Exciting career field

A career in journalism requires you to work in the field and see things from an insider’s perspective. The journalism industry also offers various opportunities to expand your network- as you interact with people from all walks of life. This also provides valuable perspectives on things that can be useful, both- in your professional and personal life.


2. Voice your opinion- for and against the people or the systems

Journalism provides you with a platform to voice opinions of not only yours but millions and billions of people. This empowers people and nudges discussions on important topics all across the world. With the help of journalism, situations requiring immediate attention have been brought to the spotlight and resolved.


3. Quench your Inquisitiveness

If you are someone who always wants to know the WHY of things, this career might be ideal for you. Journalism allows you to go to the depth of situations and attempt to seek solutions for them. It lets you explore various fields- conducting research, compiling information, preparing conclusions. The career also requires people to get their critical and analytical thinking skills to use.


4. Specializations in various fields

Ever-increasing communication channels, mediums and content have led to an increased number of audiences which has resulted in diverse fields of journalism with various specializations. Some of these are photojournalism, global journalism, and environmental journalism.


Careers in Journalism

The career options in this field are vast. Some of them are as follows:

1. Broadcast Journalist

2. Copywriter

3. Editor

4. Photojournalist

5. Media Researcher

6. PR specialist

7. Digital Media marketing

8. Social media manager

9. Magazine or newspaper journalist

10. Writer

11. Web content manager


Courses in Journalism

1. Bachelor of Mass Media and Journalism (UG, 3 years)

2. Bachelor of Communication and Journalism (UG, 3 years)

3. B.Sc. in Journalism and Mass Communication (UG, 3 years)

4. BA in Media and Communication (UG, 3 years)

6. BBA in Mass Communication and Journalism (UG, 3 years)

7. MA in Journalism and Mass Communication (PG, 2 years)

8. M.Sc. in Mass Communication (PG, 2 years)


Institutions offering Journalism

1. Indian Institute of Mass communication

2. Delhi School of Journalism, University of Delhi

3. Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

4. IP University

5. Xavier’s institute of communication, Mumbai

6. Symbiosis institute of media and communication, Mumbai


Journalism is a creative field that requires you to create unique, engaging and impactful content on a diverse range of subjects. If you are someone who has good writing, communication and storytelling skills then you should definitely consider this career option.  


Written by: Anmol Arora & Yukta Joshi

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