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Scholarships to Study in the United Kingdom | For Indian Students

Pursuing higher education in a foreign country with a culture and work ethics different from yours opens one’s mind to novel ways of living and pedagogies. Foreign education is not affordable for many, which is why countries have made proactive efforts to make it accessible for people from all socio-economic backgrounds. The United Kingdom of Great Britain offers financial aid and endowments across contrasting disciplines towards this purpose. There are opportunities to pursue a fully-funded three-week research project to a Doctor of Philosophy. Broadly, scholarships available in the UK can be grouped into 4 categories:

-Government-funded scholarships

-Non-government funded/ British Council scholarships

-University scholarships 

-Scholarships from India, by Indian trusts & institutes


Scotland Saltire scholarships

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: The government of Scotland offers scholarships worth £8,000 each, to 50 students seeking admission at Scottish universities.

  • DISCIPLINES: Science, technology, creative industries, healthcare & medical sciences, and renewable & clean energy. The scholarship is towards the tuition fees of any full-time, one-year postgraduate Masters's program. 

  • AWARDEES: Scholarships are available to citizens of India, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Pakistan, and the USA. 

  • ELIGIBILITY: Candidates must have an offer from a Scottish university in an eligible course, demonstrate that they can meet the living costs & remaining tuition fees, meet the language requirements, and not have previously studied in Scotland.

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GREAT Scholarships

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: Each GREAT Scholarship is worth at least £10,000 towards tuition fees of a one-year postgraduate program.  

  • DISCIPLINES: They are available across a multitude of disciplines in 27 universities.

  • AWARDEES: These are available to Indian students only. Applications for the subsequent academic year open in October. The UK Government's GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council jointly fund it. 

  • ELIGIBILITY: It is crucial to prove interest in your chosen field through work experience or otherwise. Application deadlines vary for different universities. 

  • Click here for further details.  

British Chevening Scholarship

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: It is a fully-funded scholarship which includes airfare & travel expenses in addition to tuition fees.

  • DISCIPLINES: Chevening has partnered with many universities. One can locate all Chevening partner universities and courses on the official website. 

  • AWARDEES: British Chevening Scholarships are awarded to those who show exceptional performance in their field with the ability to make an impact. It is mandatory for scholarship recipients to return to their home countries for a minimum of 2 years after their studies have been completed. 

  • ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility criteria include fulfilment of English language requirements, 2 years work experience, intellectual qualities, references, and performance in an interview by British High Commission. 

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Commonwealth Scholarships

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: The Commonwealth Commission offers approved reimbursement for airfare, tuition and examination fees, stipend, travel costs, fieldwork grants to PhD scholars. In case the scholarship duration is more than 18 months, family allowances are also offered. 

  • DISCIPLINES: The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission grants various types of scholarships for higher education, including a Master’s and PhD level.

  • AWARDEES: The Commonwealth Scholarships aim to make higher education in the UK affordable for students from the Commonwealth nations who would not otherwise be able to afford higher education in the United Kingdom. Over 800 of these are awarded

  • ELIGIBILITY: Candidates must be less than 40 years of age. Applications by candidates already studying abroad are not considered. Academic scores are very important in order to qualify, in addition to a relevant Bachelor’s degree with the minimum marks, proof of English language proficiency and other documents. A pivotal aspect is candidates’ ability to contribute to the needs of their native lands of origin.

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Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: It includes fully-funded awards, visiting fellowship grants for doctoral research and for Scottish universities’ Summer School. Charles Wallace India Trust Grants also encompass grants for doctoral studies, long-term grants, visiting fellowships & short research & professional visiting. The cost of the visa has to be borne by the applicant. CWIT long-term grants do not exceed a period of 1 year. CWIT short-term grants are typically £1,400 adequate for 3 weeks.

  • DISCIPLINES: CWIT scholarships pertain to art, heritage conservation and humanities.

  • AWARDEES: These grants are for Indian students in the early or mid-stage of their careers. There are up to 7 long-term awards and 10-15 short-term ones.

  • ELIGIBILITY: Indian citizens between the ages of 28-38 who have not received a CWIT grant within the past 5 years are eligible.

  • Click here for further details.


Goa Education Trust Scholarship

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: It is contingent on a candidate’s level of education and category. 

  • DISCIPLINES: Students can opt for architecture, journalism, business management, education and communications courses. 

  • AWARDEES: Primary objective of the Goa Education Trust Scholarship is to give Goan students, whose family income is less than 2 Lakhs per annum, a chance to pursue postgraduate studies in the UK. 

  • ELIGIBILITY: This is a merit-based scholarship. Exceptional and consistent academic record is a deciding factor in the award of this scholarship. Participation in extracurricular activities is also considered. 

  • Click here for further details.



Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program 

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: Aga Khan Foundation offers scholarships on a 50% loan and 50% waiver basis. Scholarships include tuition fees and living costs are exclusive of travel expenses.

  • DISCIPLINES: Master’s students are given priority and only outstanding Ph.D. students who are highly recommended by their professors are awarded scholarships.

  • AWARDEES: The selection criteria include a candidate’s holistic profile. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of brilliant academic records, financial need, work experience, admission to a reputed university in a program relevant to the Foundation’s focus areas. Other factors like extracurriculars and potential are also taken into consideration. 

  • ELIGIBILITY: Students from certain specified countries, of which India is one, are eligible. Candidates under the age of 30 years are preferred.

  • Click here for further details.


Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarships

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: The scholarships awarded by Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarships do not exceed USD 100,000. 

  • DISCIPLINES: The Inlaks Shivdasani foundation’s scholarships pertain to students in art, culture, music, painting, and humanities. 

  • AWARDEES: Candidates are judged on the basis of high academic achievements as well as future potential. 

  • ELIGIBILITY: The primary criteria is that applicants must be citizens of India who reside in India at the time of applying and not be more than 30 years of age. High first-degree holders from a recognized Indian university are eligible. People who have pursued a postgraduate degree abroad or even started one abroad are deemed ineligible.

  • Click here for further details.


Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: Founded by Mr. Narotam Sekhsaria, the grant extends beyond mere financial aid and also includes mentorship for professional development. The scholarship covers all student costs. 

  • DISCIPLINES: The scholarships are awarded across different disciplines at the postgraduate level, i.e. Master’s and PhD.

  • AWARDEES: Awardees are academic high achievers who have also gained work experience in their field. In addition to this, they also have concrete career plans with an intention to come back to serve their home country after gaining the requisite experience. 

  • ELIGIBILITY: Indian citizens who are graduates of an accredited Indian institution and below the age of 30 years are eligible. 

  • Click here for further details.


Lady Meherbai Tata Scholarship for Women

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: A scholarship amount between Rs. 3-6 lakhs towards tuition fee is awarded to every successful candidate.

  • DISCIPLINES: Disciplines for 2021-22 are with a key focus on women and children’s issues. These include Psychology, Sociology, Law, Education, Development Studies, Public Health and Policy, Research and akin. 

  • AWARDEES: Scholarship awardees are up to 10 women who plan to work in the social sector with a strong inclination towards society’s betterment. 

  • ELIGIBILITY: Female Indian graduates from reputed universities with a preferred work experience of 2 years who have secured admission in the UK, US, or Europe are eligible.

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Tata Trusts

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: The loan scholarship falls within the range of Rs. 1-10 lakhs and has to be repaid within a period of 7 years, in 5 instalments. Students who receive the loan scholarship are also eligible for a travel grant. The Tata trust and its allied Trusts also offer other gift scholarships. 

  • DISCIPLINES: This is only for postgraduate studies across multiple disciplines. 

  • AWARDEES: Awardees are selected through a rigorous process that includes taking into consideration- academics, extra-curricular activities, standardized test scores, Statement of Purpose, performance in the interview, online assessment, work experience, and research work. 

  • ELIGIBILITY: A good academic record and age below 45 years are musts. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized Indian university with a minimum of 60%. 

  • Click here for further details.


GyanDhan PG Scholarship

  • SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: It is a one-time award of an amount of Rs. 1 lakh towards a postgraduate program. 

  • DISCIPLINES: GyanDhan scholarship is awarded for science-based programs like Engineering and Computer Science.

  • AWARDEES: There is only 1 awardee. 

  • ELIGIBILITY: It is a merit-based scholarship, awarded on the basis of merit and calibre. The foremost requirement is that if applicants are applying for an education loan, it must be with one of GyanDhan’s partner lenders. 

  • Click here for further details.

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Written by: Arushi Sharma

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