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Profile Building

Academic excellence and stellar marks no longer guarantee entrance to prestigious overseas  universities. A "holistic" candidate is one who has good marks, has inquiringly investigated their interests through autonomous projects and study, and is sought after by most universities. Through personality development, you can bring out your skills and qualities, become more conscious of who you are on the inside, and gain the confidence you need to face the outside world. The rising trend of high school success necessitates a more innovative approach of evaluation by universities to choose students who are "better than the best."

Holistic profile development is crucial in this situation because high school students' extracurricular activities give admissions committees a clear picture of their interests and level of commitment while applying to abroad education.. Even if you received a very high score, you must keep in mind that the number of students who want to study abroad has increased exponentially over the past several years. Additionally, the number of undergraduate students with scores above 95% has increased by 600%. And that is why there is a reason universities like Harvard and Stanford reject one out of four aspirants who have a flawless SAT score. In the context of this situation, your only chance of standing out from the throng is to have a strong profile.

Key components of profile building are  - 

Research Projects - Use a subject that has always been close to your heart if you can. Based on your area of interest, develop a research project. This indicates the purpose to pique learners' curiosity and offer intriguing directions for inquiry to the intrepid. You might be able to connect with some of the elusive professionals in your area of interest. Make the most of this occasion by writing to or approaching them to receive some priceless advice.

Accentuating your entire effort on publishing research articles in national or international publications is one of the best ways to improve your profile. Undoubtedly, having published research work speaks volumes about your academic interests and adds value to your profile in terms of research abilities. A solid publication history is always a good sign that you will contribute to the academic scientific community.

Summer Camps/ Summer School - According to the degrees and disciplines they provide, universities all over the world offer credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing summer courses. These assist you to develop your profile while getting a first hand impression of what college teaching is like and learning how to succeed in college courses. On the other hand, although they can be a little pricey, these frequently provide students with a variety of financial aid opportunities, so they should be sure to seize them.

Online Certified Courses - Overseas universities give priority to constant learners. In order to suffice this parameter, it is advisable to upgrade your skills that are tuned to the academic course one will enrol for. If you have taken a few courses outside of your academic programme, it demonstrates your drive and enthusiasm for studying, two qualities that are highly regarded by foreign universities.

Social Project -   Any university overseas will want to know how enthusiastic you are about giving back to the community. They acknowledge that your goals are and should be compatible with the advancement of society as a whole. You should do this by joining an NGO and putting in a significant amount of community service time. This will also make it easier for you to understand the needs and desires of others who do not have the same privileges as you. Community service can take the form of assisting animals, the environment, or people in need. All of these activities are thought to be excellent resume-builders.

Extra Curricular Activities – Participating in extracurricular activities demonstrates your diversified profile. Any employment outside of your career is considered extracurricular or co-curricular. This could take the form of any task or endeavour you carry out for your pastime. There are numerous different things that it could be, including singing, cooking, writing, dancing, painting, performing arts,etc. Having certain qualifications via certifications to demonstrate your engagement is usually preferable. Additionally, one has the chance to participate in online contests and pursue other interests. This can be accomplished through cooperating or participating in events that are held abroad or by engaging in online debates or Model UNs with peers from around the world.

Internships - If you accept an internship at a company or business that supports your area of interest and specialisation, profile building can be improved. You will gain knowledge about various professions and industries as a result. Additionally, it gives you the chance to develop your natural talents and pick up new abilities, which will help you build a strong resume for both undergraduate and graduate school. If your profile indicates that you have prior work experience, it bodes well for your profile and will attract the attention of foreign universities. The majority of work experience has been converted to virtual ones since the epidemic time. Linkedin, letsintern, and are a few examples of popular websites where you can look for the most exposure.

Social Media Presence- We encourage and support students in taking the initiative to develop their own unique online personas. Our students  have created blogs, websites, podcasts, and many more with the help of our experienced  mentors. Project work is a great method to show that you are dedicated to, interested in, and experienced in your subject of study. Students are urged to develop their own apps, robotics projects, websites, etc. if they are interested in tech jobs and are connected with others who have similar interests.

Leadership Positions: Create a proposal for a club if there isn't one already at your school for a particular activity to pique interest. The fact that you founded a club indicates that you have leadership potential, but you should also show that your club has grown significantly. That is crucial. To raise awareness of your event, invite renowned professionals and guests to speak at your school. Create inter school competitions to highlight your club. Although it can be more challenging than joining already established leadership organisations, creating leadership chances can be extremely rewarding. It necessitates substantial planning, which can take months.

Students must have a diversified profile and should be interested in and have expertise with a variety of activities. Since creating a profile is a continuous process, there is no right or wrong way to get started. As you advance in life, things like developing a CV and a profile are established every single day. Having said that, it is both better and best to begin as soon as possible. It is best to THINK, REFLECT, THINK BACK, and EXECUTE when working on a profile. Once you start considering it, there is no end to the activities you can engage in to enhance your profile.

 But keep in mind that the goal of profile-building exercises is to paint a more comprehensive picture of yourself. Building your profile is a methodical, logical, and research-based way to improve your chances of achieving your academic and professional objectives. In order to cover all the areas of profile creation, a skilled specialist can help you create a personalised timeline.

Written by Ms. Diva Kohli - Jitin Chawla Team

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