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Notions that should be Normalised in a Student's Life

By Diva Kohli & Ruhika Drohi

Strive for progress and grow at your own pace! Live the life of your dreams and follow your path by cultivating - motivation, happiness, and financial success while maximising the opportunities. 

 As students, we are moulded indubitably to follow a peculiar timeline and structure to celebrate the triumph. There is a feeling of melancholy to watch students pressuring themselves, spoiling their mental health to follow the preconceived norms and struggling to be satisfied in life. Hence, take your time, recharge yourself and achieve great things. The following matters must be normalised: 

  1. Diversify and transition your majors/ stream and field Remember getting all misty while watching Farhan in ‘3 Idiots’ finally owning up about his love for photography? Felt incredible, right? So own and do the things that bring joy to you even if that requires you to alter your field. It is completely natural to recognise your strengths overtime and shift to an offbeat field or stream. Take a deep breath and explore new ideas that will help carve your way through. Then, choose a career after making a well-informed decision based on aspects such as your interests, aptitude, and scopes.   

  2. A year gap Year gaps are sometimes misunderstood as a waste of time, but they are the most ideal time to reflect on yourself. Take some time off from work or school to emulate your interests, skills and networks. Enjoy a lovely break from the mundane activities to be yourself and reunify soon. Look at gap year as a ‘discovering oneself’ institution to gain life experiences and grow personally.  

  3. Academic Failure Life is full of ambiguity, failures, and successes. There will be rainbows in our lives, but we must also be prepared to confront the rain. So what's the big deal if a student repeats a year or fails the course they chose? They will resurrect themselves and perform admirably in pursuit of their goals. Rather than creating social isolation or judging them, we should motivate them to emerge stronger.   

  4. Mediocre Performance Every child has a unique developmental process that should not be judged by their academic achievements. Someone could be a national level Bharatanatyam dancer while performing as a mediocre academically. Everyone has their own bright spot, and we should encourage them rather than complaining. It is the efforts that matter, leave alone the results. 


You are allowed to take your time and grow in your beautiful way. It is your journey so make the most of it for your happiness and satisfaction! Drop us a message sharing your story on facing these notions and overcoming them.  



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