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Most Financially Rewarding Career Paths!

Change is the only constant so choosing your career calls for a little readjustment! 

If you are reflecting on which career path to take up during these challenging times for a financially rewarding outcome then we might be of your help. The increase in opportunities in any field worldwide is directly proportional to the demand and rewards acquired that are guided by changes in business environments. We need to imbibe ourselves with the latest advancements for living up to our passion and securing money for a healthy profession!

 So here’s a list of top emerging opportunities and highest paying careers :

  • Medical Professionals: A career path that can never lose its essence. The concerns owing to the rising diseases and the pandemic have restored the demand for quality healthcare services. The average pay scale for over 25% of medical professionals is around 20LPA. The specialization stream determines the individual package of the experts where a few promising and high paying avenues are home health aide, nursing & medical and healthcare administration.

  • Machine Learning/ AI /Cyber security: We Indians, for decades, have ruled the world of IT and it comes as no surprise to us that we’re taking over the emerging data science sector as well. Be it Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analyst or Cyber security, there is a 40% increase in demand since 2019. Early professionals can earn up to 7LPA and more. As with experience, the pay can jump up to a whopping 20LPA. To pave your way with the basic programming languages like R and Python. 

  • Blockchain Developer: The upcoming strong game of Cross border payments, monitor supply chains, internet connectivity and crypto currencies have created a great urge for experienced professionals. The average salary of a Blockchain technology expert is Rs 8LPA. There is going to be a breakthrough soon making it the highest paying job eventually. The professionals will earn up to 45-50LPA. The blockchain investment is expected to increase from US $ 289 million in 2019 to US $ 4348.3 million in 2025. 

  • Finance: There has been a constant rise in the unfolding of innovation and modern businesses. Various new policies such as GST, Tax records, Fintech brings financial experts into play. Be it investment banking, Chartered Accountants, Portfolio Management and Infrastructure finance, this will continue to rise with the make in India norms. Starting from 6-7LPA, the pay can rise up to 30LPA.

  • Marketing Manager: An intricate part of any brand is their positioning and promotion of the services they offer. Crafting pricing strategies and new ways to reach the customers will be required by all companies - small or big. Collaboration with all industries as it is difficult to sustain without them. The pay scale ranges from 6LPA to 22LPA making it one of the highest paying jobs. 

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. So, write to us for the unerring career guidance that will surely take you a step closer to your dreams. 

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