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MBA Graduates, here is some good news!

We understand that during these uncertain times, every little gesture or encouraging news can be a blanket of hope. Veering positivity your way -.MBA hiring is all set to pick up. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is an association of graduate business schools and has released its annual corporate recruiter survey. Shortly, MBA hiring will experience brighter days and soon get back on the pre-pandemic track. In 2021, the median MBA salary is estimated to bounce back from a dip of $105,000 to the level of $115,000 showing exceptionally strong demand for business school graduates. 

According to the survey, the recruiters are highly positive about employing MBA graduates as they come with a professional aspect and an enhanced understanding of the market. The increasing percentage in Europe has especially jumped from 44% in 2010 to 86% in 2021, wherein; the US grew from 56% to 94%. As improbable as it may seem, an MBA graduate is trusted to earn $ 3 million more in a lifetime as compared to an individual having a bachelor’s degree. 

 So a sagacious choice made today will surely be fruitful tomorrow. Hence, choosing the unerring MBA path introduces an abundance of advantages. That said, the admission process can often be a tad intimidating. At Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development, we aim to be a simplifying aid for your sparkling future. Right from choosing the ideal universities to smoothly handling the application process to connecting with the Visa channels – with us, you have a mentor through it all!

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