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Master the Art of Skill Development for a Brighter Future

Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion that builds the employer’s inquisitive nature towards you. So to master any skill, it takes the total effort of your heart, mind and soul working together towards success. 

India, as a country, has a working force of 77.8% of the population. The competence to acquire a satisfactory job depends on the skills that you possess. Characterising skill development as a process of identifying your skill gaps and ensuring you develop these skills over time. You could do that by taking up training that will help you determine your ability to execute plans and achieve your goals. The importance of skill development transpires as it empowers and safeguards your future by enhancing your employability chances in the market.

To explore the world of professionalism and build on your skills, you could start with: 

  • Understanding your core skills and interests that require upskilling.

  • Carry out research and attend webinars/ training that will improve your lookout towards competence.

  • Then comes the most important step – get a coach who can help you win over success. Learn from the best in the industry and put it to action! 

We strongly recommend the following skill development courses taught by industry experts:

TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneur) is a globally recognised program for school students from grades 9 to 12. With this initiative, TiE encourages the youth to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship to become leaders at an early age. The classes are led by professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs who help in the development of arising enterprises. The aspiring students then flourish with advancing a business idea and writing a business plan. Each team is assigned a top industry executive as a mentor. Be Singular Academy and Jitin Chawla's Centre for Career Development are supporting the TYE programme in Delhi. TYE is now taking place in several cities throughout the world. 

 We encourage students to work towards developing speaking skills, experiencing the challenges associated with group responsibility, collective decision making, and persuasive communication. In order to be successful in life or any interviews, you must have a grasp over communication skills. The course includes an ability to express their ideas clearly, negotiate and convince - a valuable personal asset in business life.

In all realms of life, we were urged to live through the screens; shedding light upon one aspect that our ‘future is digital consumption’. Be it Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analyst or Cyber security, there is a 40% increase in demand since 2019. 

Radicl is a one-of-a-kind course for inquisitive teenagers that aims to give them a hands-on understanding of how machine learning works and how it is used to solve problems in the real world. The use of low-code frameworks allows the student to seamlessly transition from theoretical principles to application while developing a solution.

It is crucial to bestow children with a critical lens through which they can reflect on their analysis, improve training, and obtain new perspectives. The entrepreneurial summer camp at EDII helps young people realise their latent potential and strengthen their talents to face the challenges ahead by acquiring and perfecting the personal traits of risk-taking, creative thinking, effective communication, teamwork, and emotional control.

Realecole is dedicated to curating a world of skill sets provided by experienced coaches. The programs can help master practical and real life projects tuning towards a student’s curiosity and interests. There is freedom to grasp, question and engage with a greater purpose of building skills and receiving career guidance. Empowering an ultimate ambition of helping the students concerning their bewildered career paths is their way of development. Invest in your professional skill development today as it will make you the most competent!

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