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Make Artificial Intelligence your Friend!

“AI is likely to either be the best or worst invention to happen to humanity” - the said statement by Stephen Hawking portrays that AI is multidimensional. It has a social impact that is perceived differently by opposed communities. Artificial Intelligence is the future and we trust that intellectual keenness to absorb every ounce of knowledge should be moulded in terms of pragmatic ethics.  

Very recently, we came across the news where AI, drones, and cyber weapons are being perceived as the elements of introducing future wars. Israel went in for “The First Artificial Intelligence War” against Hamas. The derivation from the incident is that we can either make our essence known by benevolence or blend into blankness by manipulating the tools for destruction. Identifying moral traits to make a symbol of status should be essential for a better future. Today, artificial intelligence can enable the execution of hitherto complex tasks and operate 24*7 by augmenting the capabilities of differently abled individuals. It has a high learning curve for motivated students. So get your hands on Indian Scholarships to study abroad and student visa guidance to outweigh the investment of your time and energy. Do you wish to be an asset to the world by coalescing AI and generousness? Contact Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development concerning your career counselling/guidance in Delhi with regards to the field.   

Life is short so let’s take up this career path and align it with our ethics to make the best use of it! 

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