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Finest boarding schools globally

The boarding school experience is like no other. In short, the environment at the boarding school propels students to explore diverse verticals of education, evolve amongst a supportive and multicultural community, and groom themselves for success post their academic journey. Statistics prove that boarding school students feel better prepared for the challenges in their professional life and are more likely to earn advanced degrees and are mostly extremely satisfied with their school journey.


1. Exacting Academics Drill

A boarding school education is far more challenging than a private or public school, which helps drive the concept of self-learning. The ambiance emphasizes self-discipline and a thriving work ethic that prepares students for life after school.  Not surprisingly, 78% of boarding school students felt better prepared for college compared to 36% of private day students and 23% of public students

2. Peer group Erudition

In a boarding school, you study, live, and interact with your peers. A heterogeneous setting with students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities offers a great opportunity to evolve and grow as an individual. The perspective widens and the mind gets trained to think innovatively.  

3. Manageable Class Size

A smaller number of students in the class helps each student get close and personal attention from the teacher, which helps to form a closer bond with the mentor. This in turn makes the student more comfortable and confident in engaging with the teacher and peers and helps them to understand the academic curriculum in depth.

4. Individual Upscaling

Living far from the comfort of home, in a dorm setting is so crucial for personal evolvement. Boarders invariably learn skills like time management, self-discipline, teamwork, and ethical living practices. 

No denying that the students get unconditional help from the faculty, staff, and administration yet they learn to become independent and manage their academic and extracurricular activities in a balanced manner. This experience teaches them the key aspects of management which holds them in good stead for all their future endeavors.  

5. Growth Is A Follow On 

A hub of learning, a boarding school provides students a platform to stretch themselves and put theoretical knowledge to practical use. This includes facilities like labs, clubs, sports arenas, etc. propelled by a culture of inclusiveness and acceptance, these schools are a mecca of growth and learning. 

6. A Plethora Of Co-Curricular Activities

Campus life gives you access to numerous choices to advance in academics as well as holistically. From cultural and sports clubs to science and art project clubs, you get a chance to identify your niche and realize your goals. Boarding school helps one to pursue their passion. 

7. Social Maturity

Learning and living in a multicultural, diverse environment may also lead to disagreements and differences. However, this conflict makes way for broadened and inclusive views and social maturity. Students get schooled in life lessons about acceptance and adjustment. This makes them more socially prepared and better placed to overcome any challenges later in their personal as well as professional life.

Here is a glimpse of the best ones:

The top 5 Boarding Schools in the US

  1. North Broadway Preparatory School

  2. Philips Academy Andover

  3. The storm King School New York

  4. Red Bank Catholic High School

  5. Windemere Preparatory School

The top 5 Boarding Schools in Canada

  1. Robert Land Academy

  2. Rothesay Netherwood School

  3. St. George’s School

  4. St. Michaels University

  5. Shawnigan Lake School

The top 5 Boarding Schools in the UK

  1. Wycombe Abbey School

  2. Westminster school

  3. Brighton College

  4. Winchester College

  5. Sevenoaks School

The top 5 Boarding Schools in Europe

  1. American International School – Salzburg

  2. BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School

  3. International Bilingual School of Provence

  4. H – Farm International School, Italy

  5. Ermitage International School, France

The top 5 Boarding Schools in India

  1. The Doon School, Dehradun

  2. Welham Girls’ School, Dehradun

  3. Rishi Valley School, Chittoor

  4. Woodstock School, Mussoorie

  5. Mayo College, Ajmer

The country you pick for choosing a boarding school depends upon individual preferences but any good option will expose the student to a new culture and an international peer group. For those who want to pursue their academic journey via the path of a boarding school, we say, Godspeed!!

Written by Ms.Anu Chopra- Jitin Chawla Team


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