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DIY 2021 - Craft your stress away!

“Craft your stress away!!

Working on something from scratch can be extremely therapeutic for you. Creativity helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It also helps in making one feel more happy and lively. One can feel energetic simply by easy drawing or doodling. Through creativity one can also express their feelings and thoughts. Be it writing, gardening, journaling, art and craft, they can all prove to be very beneficial for your mental health. All those days when you feel low, just being creative can make you uplift your mood. 

Creativity can bring out the best in you in every possible way. By indulging in creative therapies like dance, music, drawing, painting, one also gets an insight of themselves and their capabilities. Art comes in various forms and is also appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. 

From renovating and rearranging objects  in your room or putting up posters on your walls can make a huge difference in your life. Little creative changes in our lives can make us feel so much more positive and productive. We’re always here for you so speak to us for some creative ideas.

Here are some DIY crafts for adults that you could try - 

  • Photo frame - use a wooden piece and carve into a cute looking frame. Do place pictures with your loved ones as they can always carry your stress away.  

  • Photo candles - take plain white candles and draw certain photos that have some sort of sentimental value in your life.

  • Doodling on glass bottles - Become creative with glass bottles lying around,Paint them and make them look colourful.

  • Gift box - Get  hold of any unwanted box that is kept at home and make it look as fancy as you can and use it as a gift box for your next party.

So, why not indulge in creative therapies and bring about the change we need in order to express ourselves and feel better. 

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