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Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU)

DSEU is an Emerging university and a hub for the youth in terms of skill-based learning and an entrepreneur standpoint. Founded in August 2020 by the Government of NCT of Delhi in order to enhance and equip the students with an outstanding skilled education. The goal of  DSEU is to create a mutually beneficial situation for the youth and the industry by filling in the existing gaps in skill training with the vision to provide yearning jobs for the youth of the nation. This university strives to achieve two main goals: 

  • To alter the preexisting prototype of skilling - fabricate skill acquisition and training by creating the opportunity for skilling, up-skilling, and re-skilling accessible to all. 

  • To be a support system for both the parties - entrepreneurs and the youth to manifest a world class peer group.

Get in touch with the team for conventional insights with regards to DSEU! Take a look at the courses offered under the few leading domains such as Data Analytics, Foreign languages, Digital Marketing, Healthcare, Administration by the DSEU -

There are several factors to why one should consider this university: 

  • People from all walks of life are given access to this initiative by empowering the marginalized and minority groups. No one is ever denied from obtaining the opportunity of a world-class education here. 

  • The course curriculum offered at DSEU will be inspired by industry requirements and will help graduates to be career-ready.

  • It aims at providing comprehensive development at an affordable cost and will serve as a safeguard to ensure that no candidate is denied admission due to any financial hardships.  

  • It will provide the benefit of availing scholarships, financial assistance for getting loans and support from the Delhi government schemes for higher education.

 The university encompasses an enthusiastic team inclusive of business experts who enlighten the students with work training and prepare them for their astounding future! 


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