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Curriculum Vitae : A first impression or the last one ?

What if someone is trying to get a job for the position of a Data Analyst and their CV reflects the person’s qualities  in the field of Social Media Marketing ? How flop will it be? My opinion, partially flop.  But why partially flop ? Why not completely ? Well, let's start by understanding what exactly is a Curriculum Vitae, or CV ?A CV is a professional document which highlights your background in academic, professional and extracurricular sense. This document not only contains your grades for certain academic years but also includes extracurricular activities, additional participation and merit points. 

Types of CV :


Academic CV 

Professional CV 

What does it include ? 

An academic CV is the one where grades, scores, and activities of certain classes are highlighted along with co-scholastic activities. 

A professional CV includes your work experience in a certain and associated fields, along with the job description of the particular role. 

Where is it used ? 

Usually used while applying for internships, volunteerships and studying abroad. 

Usually used while applying for specific job roles, fellowships and industry based experiences. 

Length of the CV 

This should not be more than 2-3 pages.

Professional CV can go up to 4-6 pages. 

Importance of a CV document

  • Highlights your skill for potential opportunities. 

  • Provides a streamlined impression to the individual interviewing. 

  • The activities upgrade your personality development with a holistic approach. 

Key Sections of a CV

  • Educational qualification 

  • Key skills 

  • Contact details 

  • Educational achievements 

  • Merit based activities 

  • Work experience (Internships) 

  • Social volunteering Programs 

  • Publication/ Projects 

  • Extracurricular activities : sports, music, rotaract clubs.   

  • Grants and fellowships

  • Professional associations and licences 

Tips to make your CV impactful and efficient  

  • The document should be in the reverse chronological order. 

  • Do not go for a colourful template for your CV. 

  • The text size and text style should be uniform and aligned. 

  • Always use the institute based templates. 

  • Be true to the educational qualifications. 

  • Always describe a certain job description under the work experience. 

Thus, coming to our very first question, The CV that is to be sent for a job as a Data Analyst will be a partial flop because the past experience of social media management will not align with the current potential role. Additionally, although the skills of social media will give you an exposure, it will not completely prepare you for the work under data, statistics and the associated fields. The document of Curriculum Vitae is an essential one, because even before you physically appear for the potential task, the said piece of paper will give the very first impression of not only your experience but also your potential to learn, explore and research. 

Written by Ms.Manya Bajaj - Jitin Chawla Team

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