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Choosing Careers and Seeking Jobs amidst the Global Health Crisis

The world-wide state of panic created due to the spread of coronavirus has brought about significant changes in almost all spheres of our life: including and beyond academics, culture and economic aspects. 

 The most important questions regarding one's career path can often be confusing and remain unresolved. Hence, brainstorming and exploring different possibilities while seeking guidance from experts is integral because these decisions are essential and leave a long-lasting impact in the future.


The Act of Choosing an Appropriate Career

Career selection refers to the process of exploring a multitude of career and choosing the accurate path for oneself based on your interests, skills and personality. We, at the Center for Career Development aim to help and guide you in the best possible way. Saying that, in this current scenario, some careers are getting eliminated due to the emergence of greater alternatives and opportunities. During such times, making an appropriate choice about what to pursue becomes integral as well as difficult without the right guidance and mentorship. Students currently in their high school and enrolled in undergraduate programs can consider making a career out of the below listed options. Here are a few shortlisted career paths based on higher demand in the current market and will continue to be so for a considerable period of time :

 Data Science: Various companies, organizations and institutions require data scientists and data management analysts to gather and analyze data in order to provide findings and subsequent recommendations to develop strategic goals, facilitate decision-making and improve profit maximization. These professionals are required to have skills necessary for tensor flow, statistical modelling and data visualization.

 Computational Biology: Computational biologists are required to work towards the development of algorithms and models to better understand the biological, behavioural and social systems. It requires the individuals to have relevant skills in data analytics, computer sciences, mathematical and statistical modelling. 

 E-Commerce Business: As most of the businesses are now flourishing online, e-commerce business associates, supply chain associates, package handlers, personal shoppers etc. are growing in demand. Some of the skills required for this course are time management, customer service and leadership.

 Digital Marketing: To facilitate the sale and purchase of goods and services on an online platform; digital marketing professionals are a must. Applicants can apply for the roles of digital marketing specialists, social media managers, marketing representatives, search engine optimization specialists and so on. Skills needed to enter this industry comprise of product marketing, digital strategy, brand management etc.

 Healthcare & Management: As evident as it can be, healthcare professionals, supporting staff such as healthcare assistants, pharmacy technician, dental assistant, home health aide etc. are becoming the need of the hour. These professionals are expected to have skills and knowledge in patient education, data entry and physician relations.

 E-Education: With education and learning readily switching to an online and virtual setting, e-Education as an industry is rising at a rapid pace. Professionals like teaching assistants, school teachers, professors and curriculum developers are increasingly being sought with enhanced abilities in digital strategy, lesson planning, time management and differentiated instruction. 

 Mental Health Specializations: There has been a plethora of platforms spreading awareness about the importance of having good mental health and psychological wellbeing. With this increasing awareness, the need and importance of mental health professionals such as behavioural therapists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists is also rising.

 Workplace Diversity Management: The world is gradually coming together to become one unit as provisions to facilitate cross-country trade and globalization are now available and being used increasingly. With the emergence of globalization and exchange of manpower and services to different locations, there is an ever-rising demand of workplace diversity management in the form of diversity managers, diversity officers, diversity coordinators etc. to increase multicultural awareness and acceptance and provide conflict resolution and peace management services. 

 Technology: Working in an online and virtual setting brings about a lot of job opportunities in the field of technology such as in block chain, cybersecurity, ethical hacking etc. and expects the applicants to have relevant skills and abilities such as program management, web development, distributed systems and so on.

 User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Design: Building up a company or business and setting up different departments does not come to maximum use until the brand name emerges and the pool of customers/clients are established. This is where the role of UI and UX designers like product design consultant, user experience researcher etc. comes into picture to evaluate the needs and expectations of the users and design products and services in a way to maximize their comfort and usability.


The Act of Seeking Jobs

Job-seeking refers to the process of looking for different job openings, matching it with your interests, skills, personality and qualifications and applying for the suitable ones. The recent graduating batches and the ones who wish to change their area of work must understand that the pandemic has brought about a total switch to online settings from education to work. In these times, it is important for a potential applicant to be aware of the process of searching and applying for jobs on various online platforms. Following points must be adhered in order to be successful with the job-seeking task:

  • Have a strong and meaningful presence on various professional social media handles such as LinkedIn, Instagram. We highly recommend the students to utilise social media platforms for enhancing their professional networks and looking for jobs and opportunities.

  •  Refer to different software or websites such as MS Word, Canva etc. to seek assistance with samples/templates for building an all-encompassing resume.

  • Keep searching through job-posting websites like,, and many more to seek information about hiring employers and companies.

  •  “Google Digital Garage” can help you find courses on Building Digital Skills, Improving Communication Skills, Learning Resume Writing and Developing Soft Skills. 

  • Enrol in Professional Development Courses to improve communication skills, practice for interview preparation and demonstrate competence for a desirable skill set.

  • A thorough understanding of the organisation is a must to demonstrate knowledge and interest to apply.

With changing times, the requirements and expectations of hiring companies and employers are also changing. They tend to look for specific skills which are now coming up significantly. While seeking and applying for jobs, one must strive to possess the stated skills in order to increase the chances of getting shortlisted and selected for the job position.

·       Analytical and critical  thinking

·       Active learning

·       Creativity and originality

·       Technical and digital skills

·       Problem-solving and reasoning skills

·       Leadership and teamwork

·       Emotional intelligence and resilience

·       Systems analysis and evaluation


In the end, it is all about identifying the perfect career and job for making oneself capable of reaching and grabbing the opportunity. This article suggests the need for potential candidates to get started towards thinking and narrowing down suitable options as well as honing their skills accordingly. The ongoing global health crisis will end one day, whereas, the act of working, earning for a living and contributing towards the economy and society shall continue forever. Therefore, being wise and prudent while choosing a career and developing a strong profile and skillset is essential to land oneself on a good and meaningful position which can in turn contribute to the applicant’s professional growth and development tremendously. "However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at." -Stephen Hawking

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