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Career options for Humanities

“Science is the collection of nature's answers; the humanities is the collection of men's thoughts”

Social scientists hold an indispensable place in many industries, from government agencies that analyze socio-economic trends to businesses that assess their target demographics. 

Social scientists are experts in human behavior, often an insight that data scientists, engineers, and programmers lack. They come from different academic streams, such as economics, anthropology, sociology, and psychology.

It uses critical, philosophical, and analytical approaches to deriving answers, speculations, and premises in understanding humans. All in all, it is a holistic approach to education as it offers an expansive foundation across multiple academic disciplines.

Social science tells us about the world beyond our immediate experience and can help explain how our society works – from the causes of unemployment or what helps economic growth, to how and why people vote, or what makes people happy.

You've probably heard a lot about recent science and business school grads who have done well for themselves in the professional world.

Benefits of choosing a career in humanities

Humanities is one of the most creative fields of career. It pushes you to explore yourself and create a multi-dimensional perspective for everything. 

  • Cultivates creativity

  • Creates a sense of responsibility

  • Increases political awareness

  • Strengthens communication

  • Fosters critical thinking

  • Problem-solving and analytical skills

  • Empathy and insight

  • People management and observation

Do humanities have enough scope in careers? In the era of science and technology, this question is common in the minds of students. 

Humanities is a very interesting stream to opt for in today’s time. 

There are numerous career options to choose from and all have immense potential if given the right time and effort. 


Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how the human mind functions or why people behave the way they do? 

Psychology is a multifaceted discipline, which includes topics like how the brain works, how our memory is organized, or how people interact in groups.

Career Opportunities 

Counselors, Research Analysts, Clinical Psychologists, Child Psychologists, Human Resource Specialists, Lecturer/Professors, Life Coaches, Substance Abuse, Family Therapists, Forensic Psychologists, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Sports Psychology etc. 

Some Top Colleges:

University of Delhi (New Delhi), IIPR, Christ Bangalore , Jamia Millia Islamia (New Delhi), Ambedkar University (New Delhi),Ashoka University, 


Lawyers understand the legal structure of a country and advise people on various legal matters on personal or professional levels. As a Lawyer, you will get to provide legal counsel to individuals, companies, NGOs, government, etc., and to keep them out of legal disputes.

Career Opportunities 

You can choose from a variety of options like Litigation (fighting cases in court), Corporate Counsel, Indian Legal ServiceTax, Intellectual Property Rights, International Human Rights, Civil Law, Criminal Law, etc. You can also work in Law firms, Legal Publishing and Media or become a lecturer in law schools

Some Top Colleges 

National Law School of India University (Bangalore), Nalsar University of Law (Hyderabad), West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (Kolkata), National Law University (New Delhi), Gujarat National Law University (Gandhinagar),OP Jindal University, Gautam Budha University,Symbiosis-Pune 


Do you ever find yourself asking questions about what life was like a hundred years back, the way people might have lived, interacted, and survived in their surroundings? 

Historians study the past by interpreting evidence from sources like texts, artifacts, and other materials belonging to different periods.  

Career Opportunities 

Various career options like working as an Archivist, Lecturer, Analyst, or a Lobbyist. In the field of research, Historians indulge in the study of different areas like mythology, dynasties, civilizations, politics, culture, etc. They can also work with various publishing houses as editors or columnists.

Some Top Colleges 

St. Stephens College (New Delhi), Hindu College (New Delhi), Ashoka University (Haryana), Loyola College (Chennai), Lady Shri Ram College (New Delhi), St. Xavier’s College (Mumbai), Presidency College (Chennai)


If you have a flair for studying past events, you are surely going to love it! 

Archaeology gives you the chance to go directly to the source and analyze/understand ancient cultures through artifacts, inscriptions, and other remains. 

Career Opportunities 

You can work as a Numismatist (studying old currency), Epigraphist (studying inscriptions or manuscripts), Archivist (preserving information through proper documentation of evidence), Museologist (studying museums) or contributing to the preservation of heritage sites and monuments. 

Some Top Colleges for Archaeology

Institute of Archaeology (New Delhi), Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi); School of Historical Studies, University of Madras (Chennai); Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management

Political Science & International Relations

Does the very idea of studying about your country both at the national and international level excite you? 

Political Science involves the study of the political history and political systems of a country. On the other hand, International Relations involves the study of the relations of the home country with those of other countries. Both of these subjects throw light on issues like world peace, economic crises, poverty, unemployment, hunger, malnutrition, etc, and seek to find solutions to them.

Career Opportunities 

You can choose from various options like becoming a Lobbyist, Research Assistant, Political Analyst etc. A degree in International Relations can open up the opportunity to represent your country as a Diplomat, Intelligence Specialist, or work with different world organizations like the World Bank, United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), etc.

Some Top Colleges 

Some of the top colleges for pursuing political science are Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi), Lady Shri Ram College for Women (New Delhi), Hindu College (New Delhi), Ambedkar University-Delhi,St. Xavier’s College (Kolkata/ Mumbai)

Some of the top colleges for pursuing International Relations are the Institute of Language Studies and Applied Social Sciences (Gujarat), Ashoka University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, South Asian University

Mass Communication & Journalism

Do you have a strong desire to be up-to-date with the events taking place around you and want to inform others about it as well? 

Mass Communication involves conveying relevant information to a large number of people through various mediums of communication like television, radios, newspapers, journals, magazines and now social media too!

Career Opportunities

It opens up various avenues like Journalism, Public Relations, Content Writing & Editing, Advertising, Event Management, Broadcasting and Production, Copywriting, and so on. You can also work with various media production houses for creating documentaries, videos, or short clips which could be covering an interview, social message, or just for entertainment purposes.

Some Top Colleges 

Delhi College of Arts and Commerce (New Delhi), Christ University (Bangalore), Indraprastha University (New Delhi), Indian Institute of Mass Communication (New Delhi), Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (Pune), St.Xaiver -Mumbai, Bennett University


If you are someone who can easily convey ideas to others, then design is a career that you should explore. 

Design involves envisioning, creating, and communicating ideas through images, drawing, sketching, layouts, etc. Design is a very broad field, and includes different specializations like Graphic Design, Textiles, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Product Design, Animation, Furniture Design, Jewelry Design, Product Design, etc.

Career Opportunities 

The employment opportunities will vary according to the field of design that you choose. In the case of Fashion Design, you can work with different textile production houses, boutiques, garment export houses, marketing and media departments of fashion brands, etc. You can also explore opportunities in Interior design, leather design, jewelry design, UI/UX design, graphic design, cartoon design, product design, etc.

Some top Colleges 

IIT-Mumbai / Guwahati / Hyderabad , DTU , National Institute of Design (Multiple Locations), Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology (Bengaluru), Symbiosis Institute of Design (Pune), MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design (Pune),NMIMS-Mumbai, Anant National University

Social Work

This career is perfect for those who have decided to devote themselves to the betterment of society. It involves helping those who belong to the most vulnerable sections of the society and need help in situations like fighting for their rights, dealing with abuse, or accessing proper sanitation, etc.  

Career Opportunities 

You get to work with NGO’s focused on different set of audiences, corporate sector in the field of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), healthcare sector (rehabilitation centers) or with the government on various projects like creating awareness for health safety, basic rights of the public, and fighting against social injustice and discrimination.

Some Top Colleges 

Delhi School of Social Work (New Delhi), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai/Guwahati), Panjab University (Chandigarh), Christ University (Bangalore), Madras School of Social Work (Chennai),Azim Premji University,Jamia Millia Islamia-Delhi

Foreign Languages

This career is for those who love to talk and not just in one language! Many people learn different languages like Spanish, Korean, French, German, etc. because of their interest in them.  

Career Opportunities

You can become a Translator, Lexicographer (compiling material for dictionaries), Teacher, Forensic Linguist, Writer, etc. in the specific language. As a language expert, you can get to work with various foreign diplomats and embassies, international bodies (like United Nations, World Health Organizations), publishing houses, etc.

Some Top Institutes

Alliance Francaise in New Delhi , Jamia Millia Islamia , The Chinese Language Institute (Chinese), Max Muller Institute (German), and Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Foreign Languages. Some embassies also teach their country’s language to learning enthusiasts.


Economists study how society distributes its resources, such as land, labor, raw materials, and machinery, to produce various goods and services.  

Career Opportunities 

You can work with Banking Firms, Research Firms, Financial Consultancies, Government Ministries, Insurance and Accountancy Firms, as Risk Advisory Associates, Analysts, Research assistants, Policy makers, etc.

Some Top Colleges 

Delhi School of Economics (New Delhi), St. Stephens College (New Delhi), Presidency College (Kolkata), Shri Ram College of Commerce (New Delhi), Loyola College (Chennai),Ashoka University (Sonepat),Gokhale Institute of Economics-Pune



It is the branch of social sciences that involves the study of society. It involves analyzing and understanding the social lives of people, groups, and institutions. Sociologists help in analyzing and drawing conclusions on various topics like racial and gender identity, religious faith, family conflicts, crime and law, poverty, population growth and migration, war and peace, etc.

Career Opportunities

You can work as a Guidance Counselor in the area of family conflicts, or work with the government as a Policy Analyst. You can also work as a consultant in the HR department of private/ public organizations. Market Research, Public Relations, and Media Strategy are also a few other fields well-suited to Sociology majors.

Some Top Colleges 

Jamia Millia Islamia University (New Delhi), University of Calcutta (Kolkata), University of Madras (Chennai), Jesus & Mary College (New Delhi), Hindu College (New Delhi), Lady Shri Ram College (New Delhi),Ashoka University,Ambedkar University-Delhi

Writing (Content/ Blogging/ youtubing)

 Writers express their ideas, opinions, or knowledge through their words. You can either develop content for different companies (Content Writing) or even voice your opinions about certain topics through blog articles.  

Career Opportunities 

You can explore career opportunities as a content writer by working with different companies, online websites, blog portals, NGO’s, etc. Not only that, you can also become a novelist, editor, columnist in newspapers, blogger, etc.

Some Top Colleges 

Top colleges for it include, St. Stephen’s College (New Delhi), Lady Shri Ram College (New Delhi), Christ University (Bangalore), Hindu College (New Delhi), Miranda House (New Delhi), Jesus & Mary College (New Delhi).

The career which tops the list of the most popular choice among students is Blogging & Youtubing. Money, Fame, Being Your Own Boss and what not. The career also gives you the flexibility to choose the area of your work: Fashion, Health, Travel, Technology or any field that interests you. 

 Human resource management

Employee recruiting, remuneration and well-being are the primary concerns of this position.With an HR degree, you'll be prepared for an array of intriguing jobs, each demanding a different set of talents. Payroll expert, Benefits administrator, Leadership coach, HR IT specialist, employee relations manager and HR analyst are just a few of the various specialties one might pursue in Human Resources.


With digital space gaining prominence, businesses are looking for professionals who can help brands reach their target audience. These professionals are called digital marketers.

Digital Marketing comprises mainly 2 areas – Technical (SEO, SMO, etc.) & Creative (Social Media Marketing, email marketing, Content Writing, etc.)

College/ Institute: Experience and skills matter more in Digital Marketing. Although, it is recommended to opt for some certificate. Digital Vidya, Delhi School Of Internet Marketing, UpGrad, Nas Academy, Relevel etc.

  • Photographer

You can enroll in colleges with popular filmmaking courses as they provide training and knowledge of handling a camera.

You can start working as an intern under professional photographers to gain experience.

  • Gender Studies

Countries all around the globe are recognizing the need and importance of gender equality. Governments are executing policies for the protection of all individual identities and making their nations a safe place for all. In such times, a career in gender study may prove to be significant to opt for.

  • Habitat Policy

It is the study of housing, urban societies’ social composition, and the rights of residents. It is a practical approach to understanding the reality of urban India with its challenges from a global perspective. Someone studying Habitat policy learns to make policies and strategies for the improvement and growth of our society.

  • Cartography

The field of making maps is known as cartography. It feels like ages ago that maps were synonymous with school atlas. Now maps are a part of your everyday life. From finding your destination to sharing your live location, technology has evolved quite a bit. Today, you need experts that can create maps and incorporate them into upcoming technology for our convenience and more. 

  • Rural studies and management

If you wish to make an impact in the lives of people from the underprivileged sectors of our country, the field of rural studies and management may interest you immensely. Students learn how villages can be developed and managed efficiently. You get the opportunity to work with various government-aided institutions that target particular issues faced by rural areas. 

  • Government services

Civil Services

It is one of the most prestigious careers as it gives you the opportunity to serve your country by participating in its governance and policy-making decisions. In order to pursue a career as a civil servant, you would first require a graduation from any field, following which you’ll need to clear the UPSC examination.

Defence services (NDA, CDS, AFCAT etc.), 

CGL(Combined graduate level), CHSL(Combined higher secondary level), RRB(Indian railway recruitment board)

Indian coast guard etc.

  • Public policy

It is a policy field focused on the interactions among scientific developments, technological change, social values, and governmental activities at both international and domestic levels.

Public policy careers focus on informing and improving laws and regulations so a community can benefit from a change. 

It offers careers in the areas such as research and development, teaching, a career in think tanks and independent research centers, Non-governmental organizations, etc.


TISS(Tata institute of social science)

Azim Premji university


  • Development studies

It aims to contribute to possible solutions to societal problems and is increasingly applied in focus and engaged with policy and practice.

Development Studies students develop a multi-disciplinary skill set and gain strong skills in creative problem-solving, research, and communication. They study inequalities between people and nations and the contemporary issues arising from cultural, economic, and environmental changes. 

It leads to many exciting jobs working to address global challenges. These can include international aid workers, journalists, diplomats, non-profit fundraisers, research academics, environmental campaigners, civil servant, and jobs in public policy.

Some colleges:

TISS(Tata institute of social science)

Azim Premji university

IIT madras

NIT Rourkela

Ambedkar university

New Age Programs


Vedica is India’s first liberal arts 18-month fully residential management programme for Women. It is a unique alternative to the traditional MBA programme. It seeks to create a cadre of successful women professionals for the 21st century.

 The programme combines courses in management practice, liberal arts, communication, and personal growth to help women navigate their careers better and prepare themselves for leadership roles in the future.

The campus for The Vedica Scholars Programme is located at  New Delhi.


The Stoa Charter is the first of its kind, a great alternative to the MBA aimed at business education. It can be pursued alongside your work and costs a fraction of a traditional MBA (₹2.5 lakhs + GST).


Global Governance Initiative is the world's most practical MBA and Fellowship School that lets you get into Policy,and Management Consulting education. 

The learning is primarily imparted through a set of masterclasses, Case-based practices, and 50–60+ hours of Interview experiences.

It is at the forefront of creating an equitable world through innovative and experiential learning & networking based MBA, MPP Scholars, and Fellowship Programs.



Are you the kind of person who has always wanted to do something for society, something for the nation? Have you always wanted to be an active change-maker? Do you love working in challenging situations? Always wanted to work on the ground, but don’t know how or with which organization. 

A fellowship is an opportunity for a short duration of time. It can last for a few months and in some cases, a few years. These fellowships are sponsored by a certain organization and help support fellows in their growth and provide opportunities in the field.

Fellowships are specially designed, study, research, or engagement programs offering individuals an exciting opportunity to learn, create and experiment in a particular discipline. 

Some Fellowship programs:

Teach for India Fellowship

Young India Fellowship

Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship

Gandhi Fellowship

Prime Minister’s Rural Fellowship

SBI youth for India fellowship

Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship Program

The world today is rapidly changing as we become more globally connected. This opens the road to various non-automated (i.e which can not be performed by machines) employment opportunities.

A combination of soft skills and hard skills is becoming imperative in most workplaces nowadays. Therefore, a degree in humanities or Liberal Arts would equip the students with the skills that are significant to succeed and thrive in the competitive workforce of the future.

Written by Mr. Vikram Soni - Jitin Chawla Team

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