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Career Opportunities in the Gaming Industry

Gamers choose to endure gaming as they suppose that nothing epic happens in real life. During the Covid-19 lockdown, the propensity for gaming has exploded. Due to the urge to stay indoors and a lack of access to outdoor activities, children have found a happy place on the internet.

 Gaming has been the fastest growing segment within the media and entertainment space in the last year, with a revenue increase of 45 percent. In India, more than 400 online gaming start-ups have been established. We generate 2 billion dollars in the global gaming business as a country, with 5.6 billion mobile game app downloads in India in 2019, the highest in the world. The mobile gaming industry grew by $ 266 million in 2016 and is anticipated to grow to $405 million by 2025. By 2022, online gaming is predicted to provide 40,000 new job opportunities. 

 So, let's look at the bright side: video games are thought to develop a mindset that encourages creativity and attentiveness. If one is particularly passionate about gaming, they should try to accept it and turn it into a strength or perhaps a career. One can also earn by playing online, streaming game stunts, and competing in national gaming tournaments. It is possible to become a professional gamer and compete against players from all around the world. In the gaming industry, there are a few different career options to choose from:

  1. Game Designer - A game designer's job entails developing and defining all aspects of the game. This includes the setting of rules, environment, plot, flow, stages, characters, vehicles, and weaponry. Game designers create the general game concept, which is then implemented by programmers, animators, producers, and audio engineers. A bachelor's degree in game design is a great way to get started. They receive an average salary of Rs. 5,00,000 PA.  

  2. Game Journalist - The launch of a new game in the market is always exciting. So, gaming journalists provide vital reviews and criticisms for the purchasers. One cannot judge a book by its cover, a critic will read it for you, evaluate it, and write a review so that we can make an informed decision about its entertainment value. They are a hybrid of a gamer and a writer, who both play and comprehend the game's mechanics. A degree in Bachelor’s in Journalism/Mass Communication would work.  

  3. Game Tester - They methodically test the game while analysing its performance, discovering flaws, and recommending modifications. The programmers then improve the game's quality and playability before it gets released to the public. A bachelor's degree in computer science (B.Tech/B.E.) is recommended. With an experience of 3-4 years, their average salary is Rs. 8,00,000- 15,00,000 PA.  

  4. Narrative Designer - Narrative Designers collaborate closely with game designers to provide the tale background, such as the dynamics of the villain, how they must be beaten up, and the prize that the player would achieve after defeating the villain. A Narrative Designer's tools are words, which they use to write character conversation and in-game text. A Bachelor's degree in Literature or Mass Communication, as well as Creative Writing/Script Writing certifies. The highest salary being around 10,00,000 PA.   

  5. Game Animator - Visual Artists and Animators in games provide physical structure to the characters, objects, environments, and scenes. They add nuances to each character's skin textures, the shadow formation according to the source of light, and background people. A visual artist is concerned with defining the method in which a character jumps, crouches, sits, stands, and moves. Get a bachelor’s degree in graphics, arts, animation and you are good to go. The average salary is around Rs. 5,00,000 PA for beginners.  

  6. Audio Engineer - Everything you hear in a game is created by the audio engineers with computers and electrical sound equipment, from sound effects to ambient noise, background music, and voice-overs. They use sound tracks and sound effects like gunshots or a car's vroom, as well as ambient sounds like traffic, crowd noise, birds tweeting, and so on, to give authenticity to the in-game world. Sound acts as an important element of the gaming experience, becoming an audio engineer could be the ideal gaming career for you if you enjoy creating the perfect atmosphere. Audio Engineers earn around Rs.5,00,000 PA as the average salary. 


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