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7 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Data Analytics

The world is now awash in data and businesses can coherently examine consumer behaviour! In order to gain decision-making insights, the compilation of data can be supplemented by its analysis. Data analytics help organizations and businesses to gather cognizance into the enormous statistical data for further growth and expansion. Featuring as a boom since it aids in optimising the performances of the companies so that they can make more informed decisions regarding customer trends and satisfaction. Adroitly, with the data available and its analysis, a prediction has been made that the data science field will grow about 28% by 2026

 Listing below 7 reasons to pursue a career in Data Analysis:

  1. A perfect amalgamation of Technical and business modification attributes: The true value of data analysis resides in its capacity to spot trends, hazards, and opportunities in a dataset. The technical aspect is given a business touch by modifying the companies processes based on the learnings to make progressing decisions.

  2. Elevated Demand for Analytical Professionals: Data is worthless unless it can be analysed due to which, analyst specialists are highly in demand. With so much data around, more IT specialists are needed to analyse and execute evidence-based decisions.

  3. Abundance of Job Opportunities: Companies are gradually incorporating data analysis as a significant part of their work process. A large market for people with backgrounds in data analysis has exploded as there is a significant shortfall on the supply side. Data analytics is a relatively new career opportunity making competition fairly facile that is increasing the job opportunities. 

  4. Rising Salary: Strong demand for exceptional skills in data analysis is boosting the wages for qualified and skilled professionals. In India, annual salary hikes for analytics specialists are on an average 50% higher than other IT workers.

  5. Big Data and Analytics as decision making tools: The process of gathering and analysing raw data to draw conclusions is highly demanded by companies making it an essential element of any business. Quantitative decision making completely depends on the raw data that the company receives.

  6. Data Analysis is taking over the world: Analytics is being used in a wide range of fields, which has resulted in great growth. Be it healthcare, technology, manufacturing, Banking, Education, and Fashion – Data analysis is the key. 

  7. Limitless advancement in the job title and positions: There are numerous job opportunities in this profession creating a bundle of opportunities. Since data analysis is used in various companies, there are bountiful job titles such as: Data Scientist Big Data Analytics Business Consultant Big Data Engineer Big Data Analyst Analytics Associate Big Data Analytics Architect Financial Analyst  Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant Big Data Solution Architect Metrics and Analytics Specialist


Data and humans are like complementary goods. There is a pressing need for competent individuals who can comprehend data, think from a business perspective, and generate insights. Make a career out of Business Analysis and contribute to the success of companies! 



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