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7 Career Options in the Sports Industry

India is honoured as our athletes return from the Tokyo Olympics showcasing outstanding performances! In that vein, did you know that the sports sector provides a varied range of job opportunities in addition to athletes? The sports industry has expanded at a CAGR of 4.3 percent since 2014, resulting in a global market worth $488.5 billion in 2018, and is anticipated to grow at 5.9% by 2022. 

1. Physical Therapist: A trained and licensed medical practitioner who controls medical examination, diagnosis, and therapy to promote, maintain, and restore health. They adopt the structure of massage, exercise, and other training methods to help their clients overcome injuries and limitations. A degree in physical therapy or a comparable subject is required to pursue a career in this field. The following skills are  required:

  • Knowledge of therapeutic procedure

  • Immediate injury analysis and solution

  • Assessing and interpreting patients   

2. Sports and Fitness Nutritionist: A sports and fitness nutritionist is responsible for teaching athletes and fitness enthusiasts effective ways to improve their health, optimize their performance and manage their weight. Athletes may seek nutritionist’s advice on dietary habits, exercise, and the use of vitamins, minerals, and supplements. They ultimately instruct athletes on proper nutrition to assist them to achieve their goals. Explore the following abilities required:

  • Nutritional Knowledge 

  • Analytical & communication skills 

3. Sports Coach: Behind every fearless player stands a determined coach! A sports coach instructs, supports, and implements appropriate training plans for the professionals. Sports coaching, sports management, and sports science degrees tunes you to pursue a career as a sports coach. The following skills are required:

  • Strategy formulation and implementation

  • Patience

  • Motivating skills

  • Team-building skills

4. Sports Journalist: Does the name ‘Boria Majumdar’ ring any bells? From bringing on and off the field tales of cricket, he is regarded as the most prominent sports journalist. This is your moment to shine if you enjoy writing and blogging on topics related to sports and events. The following skills are:

  • Interviewing abilities

  • Writing skills

  • Sport Knowledge  

  • Research and Analysis

5. Sports Photographer: A sports photographer captures images of athletic events, teams, or athletes. You can either work for a company or carry out freelance by submitting your photos to magazines and newspapers. The following skills are required:

  • Passion for photography

  • Reflex action

  • Love for the sport

6. Sports Lawyer/ Attorney: They are in charge of representing their clients both nationally and internationally. Securing and interpreting employment contracts, analysing the legal repercussions of their activities, compensation negotiations, and monitoring sponsorship arrangements are just a few of the tasks. To be considered for this position, you must have a legal degree. The following abilities are required: 

  • Education of law 

  • Client Knowledge

7. Coordinator of Marketing and Promotion: Preparing reports, assessing the market, and implementing marketing plans should be undertaken as a part of the job. This role requires a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field, as well as experience in digital and on-ground marketing. The following abilities are required:

  • Marketing analysis

  • Research skills

  • Market planning and execution

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