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5 Tips to Ace Interviews for College Admission

By Shikha Malhotra

The key to cracking an interview is to not build it as an intimidating situation in your mind, but, consider it as a dialogue between two individuals. Similar to a conversation, an interview must be engaging and worth the listeners time to be considered valuable. Build your interview in a manner that ensures the above by exuding positivity, confidence and an open attitude towards learning. 

 We have 5 tips for you to ace your college admission interviews:

  1. Enhance the ABCD of your image

  • A for Appearance: We often hear ‘first impression is the last impression’. Ensure you are smartly dressed and communicate your commitment through your attire. In a setting where you are trying to impress someone with your talents and skills, don’t let simple things steal the spotlight.

  • B for Behaviour: After appearance, your behaviour is the next aspect that reveals your personality to the interviewer. Try to maintain a calm demeanor, and avoid being nervous or fidgety. Sleep well the night before and avoid caffeine as it might aggravate anxiety during the interview. 

  • C for Communication: Communication is key to personal and professional success. Articulate your thoughts in a manner that conveys ideas coherently. Along with verbal communication, non- verbal, and visual communication (e.g. portfolios) are also important while expressing yourself during an interview.

  • D for Digital Footprint: Digital footprint is everything you post online on your social media accounts, in comment sections, while using an application or sending an email. Every retweet, like or +1 is part of your online history, and could potentially be seen by people even outside your circle of friends and acquaintances. Be cautious of what you put out on the internet since it is a significant part of your digital footprint. Some universities also check  the digital footprint of students before offering them admissions. Your online presence does make an impression on prospective employers. Along with being aware of your digital footprint, it is also essential for students to build on their professional digital presence. LinkedIn is a particularly potent network for the same, ensure it is updated and in sync with opportunities you want to secure.


2. Be Sincere in your Statement of Purpose & Resume, as this is what would usually initiate the dialogue. This is your chance to showcase your abilities and enthusiasm for your present, past and future convictions. Be well versed with the matter that has been penned down by you as it reflects your personal values, including your sincerity towards the application.


3. Spend time researching the background of the Industry and the College that you are applying to. The interviewer may inquire as to why the University/ College interests you, and how you can assist the institution in growing, among other things. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your interest and excitement in seeking admission in the particular College. 


4. Be optimistic because positive thoughts breed positive results. The interviewers may ask behavioural based questions in order to understand the candidate’s mindset and lookout. Keep an eye on your body language since it reveals your thought process. Smile, be confident & self-assured, maintain eye contact, and have decent body posture.


5. Go through popular interview questions to be well-prepared in advance. Browse through the internet and watch a few videos on the most frequently asked questions. Then, to avoid any fumbling during the interview, prepare your responses ahead of time. While doing this, think from the interviewer’s perspective and try to understand why they are asking a particular question, and what they are looking for. To get an overview on the process of interview conduction at specific institutes, reach out to their students and have a discussion with them. However, you might still need to answer a few questions that you did not prepare for. Do not panic and don’t be in a rush to speak, take your time to think and answer thoughtfully.


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