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5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Making a Career Switch

Confused about quitting your job or just looking for a change? Having sleepless nights thinking if it’s OK to make a career switch? When is the right time to do that? What about my degrees and past experiences? Will it be difficult? Do I need to spend the next 20 or 30 years of my life doing the same thing?

I am sure there must be hustling in your mind with these questions, deciding the future course of action. Most people encounter such situations facing their midlife crisis, missing out on their passion and personal life. 


And then comes the next step- If not this, then what else?  


Here in this blog we are going to talk about various aspects of career transition for you to find the right reason to make a career switch.


How can I make a career switch? 

An average lawyer who went to a barely known law school in New york. Worked in a law firm in Albany, got frustrated and moved to California to work in a retail store with his siblings. Things didn’t work out there as well and he went back to Albany. 

But one day he returned to California and never looked back and the rest is history.

  • He is Leland Stanford, the co-founder of Stanford University. His life has been a buffet of challenges and personal tragedies but the only thing that made him a success today is, he never stopped.   

No matter what you were, No matter where you’ll be- Just keep Moving.

  • You never know what lies ahead?


To make a career switch


Firstly ask yourself,  Why do you want to make a switch? 


There could be one or multiple reasons like missing out on your passion, toxic work culture, no work life balance, low income or growth opportunities, midlife crisis or it could be just your conscience. 


Visualise your future 

Possibly, you are secretly dreaming about something you are passionate for but never gathered enough courage to accept that.

This is the time to put your thoughts together, read about it, pen it down, explore more, maybe it’s Your Future. 


Job shadowing

It is basically on the job training where you are allowed to experience the role of another employee either by following them or working with them. It can help you decide if a particular career field is right for you. 

For instance, say you are working as a product manager and decide to make a switch to a career in writing. Working as an intern or working under a content writer or a blog writer can help you explore the nitty gritties of what your work profile would be.

This will help you decide where exactly you see yourself a few years from now. If writing is your perfect fit? What do you want to write about and more.


Plan first and then quit your job

Be a little more realistic, even if you leave your job you still have to pay for your rent, bills and expenses.Either have a favourable bank balance or look for some part time job that sustains you for some time. 

Apart from financial aspect;

What are all things to be kept in mind while making a career transition ?


  1. Decide your future first: Now that you know you don’t want to stay at the same place for long, decide what you want to do.Explore options, research about different job profiles and what are the chances of making a decent career in that field? 


  1. Learn about it: With the changing nature of jobs people are majorly shifting to areas such as data science, data analytics, cloud computing, blockchain and more. 

These are new and emerging fields, research about them before making a switch. Various portals like skillshare, udemy, coursera and google digital garage offer a plethora of free and paid certification courses. Join an online course and if your interest persists, going for certification, job shadowing and internships can help you further in your career. 


  1. Assess yourself: Spend time with yourself, your life is nothing but the choices you make today. Decide your end goal, what all you need to do to get there.

Realise your weak spots like income instability, impatience, fear of rejection. Be mentally prepared for such setbacks. 

Changing careers does require some sacrifices but one can minimise their chances of failures with planning and support.

And for support, visiting a career coach is the most sensible way of having a clear roadmap ahead of you.

Interacting with career experts and mentors can motivate you and help find solutions to your obstacles. Contact Us! To find your perfect fit.


  1. Expect rejections in your path: Especially when you are in a for a complete change of field and your past experiences are not supportive of it.

From a newspaper vendor to an Aeronautical engineer to a missile man and then the President of India and an all time teacher. 

Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about APJ Abdul Kalam.

But do you know that he even faced rejections. Aspiring to become an Indian Airforce pilot, he missed the opportunity, securing 9th position when there were only 8 slots. 


But thankfully all we need is just one acceptance. 


  1. Set yourself a goal- But be realistic: Some transitions take time, setting unrealistic deadlines will not help. Dream big but divide your act into micro steps and work for one at a time. 

Give yourself scope for mistakes. 

If possible have a backup, this might help in reducing stress and can also help build your focus.




Is switching careers worth the risk?


Forbes says that more than 70% of the people who make career switch are happier than in their previous jobs. 


Then what is keeping us from making a career transition? 


Habits, actions, situations and choices that our brain perceives to be safe forms a shell of ease around us. 

After some time we form a comfort zone in our existential circumstances and getting out of it is the most difficult part of making a transition. 

So, essentially it's the risk of missing out on our comfort zone that prevents us from making a switch in our career. 


SO, IF YOU REALLY INTEND TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, do it but in a planned way.


No, it's not an easy and straightforward decision. It requires careful career planning about- What, Why, How and When? 

But it’s not an unusual decision as well - All you need is to find the right way to switch your career path.


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