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5 Things to do after Result Declaration

Congratulations students! All the hard work has finally paid off in the form of achieving a milestone. Be proud of your progress and take this time to reflect, appreciate, love, and nurture yourself. 

This year, the board exams of CBSE Class 10 and 12 got cancelled given the Covid-19 outbreak and the results are being calculated using an alternate assessment technique devised by CBSE. The results for the 12th standard have already been released, and we are proud of how far students have progressed.  

Here’s a 5 step guide from the Founder and Director of the Centre for Career Development, Jitin Chawla:

  1. Have a Plan B A thumb rule of life is to create possibilities for alternate growth but always achievable progress! Work towards your goal while also deciding on two to three alternate paths, popularly known as a plan B. Make sure to sit down with your parents and counsellors to shortlist two to three courses that would align with your interests and career goals.   

  2. Develop Skills Your skills are a manifestation of yourself that you market to the universities. It works together as a coherent force of experience, intellect, and passion that builds the employer's interest in you. Seek and understand your strengths and shortcomings to take up courses and activities for building on your potency. As a student, now is the ideal moment to evaluate your skill gaps and empower yourself. Visit Realecole to explore courses in Entrepreneurship, Design, STEM courses and more.  

  3. Build your Network Building relationships is not about transactions, but about connections. Networking lets you meet an ocean of people from diversified cultures and careers. Thus, emphasizing on the fact that networking is an ongoing process, not a discrete event. Programs and conferences such as TYE Tie Young Entrepreneur and Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations (HPAIR) drive participants from all around the globe providing an exceptional chance to interact and impress. Make sure to network closely with your professors, internship managers, people you associate with outdoors or online by consistently making efforts to keep in touch. Here’s the brightest side, you might end up making a lifelong friend! So, create an account on various professional platforms for easy networking. Start with LinkedIn and connect with professionals from your industry to learn more.  

  4. Participate in 3 Co-Curricular Activities Co-curricular activities are a construction of problem-solving, reasoning, advancing support, collaborative and communication skills. Explore and give yourself time and scope for some holistic development. As a student, there are a few ways to develop the habit of performing activities are: Volunteering - This is a chance to connect to your community and unitedly make it a better place to live in. Make new friends, expand your network and enhance your skills. Reminder - you cannot change the world, but you can change someone’s world! Internships – Get hands-on experience in the business and exposure to the real world. Utilise this as a learning curve to make connections in the professional world.  Professional Courses – It helps you showcase competency and job advancements. Professional course tunes your performance in the desired career by up-skilling your strengths.  Competitions – It brings out the best in you by motivating you to perform well and excel in the coveted path. Showcase your skills, analyse and evaluate the outcome to build up on your strengths and weaknesses.   

  5. Travel the World Exceptional films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Tamasha inspired us to go on revitalising trips often. Amidst the pandemic, we are urged to stay at home for the betterment of the nation. Trust us, soon things will get brighter and you will get to resume your travelling to discover places and yourself. Traveling allows you to connect with your inner self. The exposure introduces you to yourself - your likings, interests, lifestyle, and behaviour. It brings joy and creates memories for a lifetime while challenging you to get outside your comfort zone. 

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