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5 Steps to get your Research Paper Published

Writing for research papers, blogs, and journals is an excellent method to build up your profile. It escalates the learning process as it pushes you to ideate, analyse and make critical judgement. So, if a certain topic or an issue interests you then a perfect balance of accuracy and research can lead to a well-articulated paper or publication.

Acquiring a self-written paper is no longer a challenging endeavour, here is a step-by-step approach to getting your paper published:

  1. Find a portal: Surf the internet to look for journals or portals that will suit your field of interest/article. It could either be a portal, journal, newspaper or magazines to issue your best work.

  2. Prepare your paper for submission: Make sure to have a well-researched article that will make you shine. You must follow the journal's unique "guide for authors'' while submitting your work. A piece of information that is available on the homepage of the journal.

  3. Revise and Submit: Making this the most crucial step, since you must ensure that your essay has proper citations and no plagiarism along with an original idea. Mail them your paper expressing your want to contribute to their portal/newspaper. 

  4. Follow up: Once the article is submitted, make sure to follow up with the team. Your article will be reviewed by the editor, and sent ahead for the initial screening. It will be distributed to experts in your field of publication for peer review.

  5. Track your research: You can track the status of your submitted paper online. The tracking system will be the identical one used for the submission of the article. To trace your paper, use the reference number you received after submission. 


 Here are a few websites where you can get your papers published are :

We believe every facet of your writing should be featured on an ideal portal. Give yourself a chance to publicly showcase your in-depth knowledge with a reputed source. Our Team is assisting students formulate research questions & ideas that are a means to exploring an academic subfield from an interdisciplinary perspective. Contact us here for queries regarding Profile Building and Personality Development Training.

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