What We Do

1. Career Workshops:
We organise career workshops to help students understand the career planning process & themselves, along with enunciating career options in India & Abroad.

2. Psychometric Testing & Career Counselling:
For a scientific understanding, we conduct a series of psychometric testing along with career counselling because a wholesome understanding of your interests, aptitude and personality is important!

3. Career Fairs/ Career Meets:
From educational institutes to corporate offices, we organise career fairs and career meets, especially for showcasing the vast landscape of education and careers.

4. School Services:
From aptitude testing to career workshops for parents, children and teachers, along with integrated programmes for leadership and career development, we aim to be the lighting guide of the future youth!

5. Summer & Winter Camps:
Essential for profile and personality building, we focus on providing summer and winter camps for India as well as for abroad. Not just in the context of education but also life and education.

6. Career Publications:
To create a database for students, we have indulged in Career Publications such as Propel and DU Booklet, especially since knowledge related to education and careers is limited.