Study Abroad

We, at Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development, also provide a one-stop solution for students who aim to study abroad. Apart from providing counselling, we assist in profile-building and choosing the best universities that fits your profile.

The steps that we undertake for a student aiming to study abroad are:

Step 1: Understanding You: Through a series of psychometric tests and constant career counselling, we aim to understand your aptitude, interest and personality, so that we can help you with your goals

Step 2: Course and College Selection: Based on your career goals, we map out the best course, university and country/city options!

Step 3: Budget and Financial Management: We shortlist the right mix of courses, universities and country/city, based on your budget, along with finding appropriate scholarships and financial aids for you

Step 4: Profile Building: Planning about how to enhance your profile, we focus on extra-curricular activities, internships, community services, resume and portfolio building

We have a stronghold on Profile Building, which is a necessary aspect if you want to study abroad. Major aspects of profile building include:

1. Social Work Opportunity: SEWA, CRY, MAD, etc
2. Internships: Virtual Internships, Unique projects
3. International Certification such as Red Cross Program
4. International Competitions like TYE, Google Science Fair, Intel Science Fair etc.
5. Student Enrichment program @ abroad
6. Research Opportunities
7. Tailoring your Statement of Purpose and Supplementary Essays of streamline it with requirement of Universities.

Step 5: Formation of an Application Timeline: Setting up the dates of forms, the check list of requirements for all shortlisted universities

Step 6: Essay Editing and Applications: We, along with you, brainstorm on your essays and help you write an impeccable Statement of Purpose. We also help with Letter of Recommendations!

Step 7: Constant Assessment and Follow-Ups: Right till your admission, we keep a constant check on your application submission with our career experts

Step 8: Application for Scholarship and Financial Aid: As per the requirements, we apply for the appropriate scholarships and financial aids

Step 9: Pre-Departure Counselling: Right before your departure, we provide counselling regarding cultural adaptations

Step 10: Say hello to your dreams!

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