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Why Study in France?

The country of artistic and intellectual heritage, France offers world-class educational niche for people far and wide. France is epitome of art, museums and history, which serves as the USP for students choosing France as their higher education system. Apart from the beauty side of it. France is also renowned for being intellectually driven with the best philosophers, scientists and mathematicians as the outcome. In this profound educational environment, Universities in France are predominately focused on research and technological development.

Paris has been awarded the “Most Student Friendly City in the World” and is highly known for its safe and secure environment. Not only Paris, France also offers sub substantial educational hubs such as Marseille and Nice. Also, the faculty is top-notch too and students are given the opportunity to interact with high profile individuals from different sectors.

Moreover, given there are so many international students attending colleges and universities in France, you can easily find courses offered in both languages, that is, French and English.

Higher Education System in France

French Universities are open for intake majorly in February and July, however, the minor intake of French Universities is September and November. Located all around France, the universities confer national degrees (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate) that all have the same academic value.

France has more than 3,500 institutions of higher education, including the following:

Some of the top universities in Hong Kong include:

77 publicly-funded universities, offering degrees in all disciplines and serving as the primary academic research centres

A parallel system of Grandes Ecoles offering  scientific, business, art and other specific programs, which offer 5-year diplomas which are equivalent to a Master’s degree

More than 3,000 specialized schools offering degrees in a wide variety of subjects, including hotel management, culinary arts, tourism and social work

Other than the regular Bachelor’s programs, some French Universities also offer Grandes Ecoles, which needs better educational qualifications than Baccalaureates. 20% of foreign students are enrolled in a programme in the Grandes Ecoles, Écoles Normales Supérieures (ENS -Institutes of Advanced Education), Instituts d’Etudes Politiques (IEP - Political Science Institutes), engineering schools, business and management schools, veterinary schools and a few others. They confer degrees for 5 years of undergraduate studies, and some award the title of Master. However, admission to the Grandes Ecoles is very selective.

Furthermore, Postgraduate programs in France fall into three main categories, making it feasible for one and all to go ahead for a Postgraduate program of their choice, They are:

Taught Masters (MAs/MScs/MEng)

Research Masters (MRes/ MA by Research)

Doctorates and PhDs

Top Universities in France

France boasts of having 4 Universities in the “Top 100 Universities in the World” ranking. Some of the top Universities in France are:

University of Paris 11

University of Strasbourg

Ecole Normale Superieure Paris

City University of Hong Kong

Paris Tech

American University of Paris

Universite Pierre et Marie Curie

Louis Pasteur University Strasbourg I

Popular Courses in France

The most popular courses in French Universities are:

Nuclear, Space and Aviation








History and Language

Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

Not only do you get a world-class education in France, the tuition fees at public Universities in France are mostly free, especially for Bachelor’s programs! However, the annual fee for Master’s degrees in France are set to around €245 (~ INR 20,000) per year for anyone, regardless of their nationality.

Studying at private universities will cost approximately from €3,000 to €10,000 per annum (~INR 2,43,000 to INR 8,04,000). However, a few degrees such as Medical or Engineering would cost higher than the average cost.

However, keeping in view the cost of living, Paris is one of the costliest cities in the world. The total cost of living, including private accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses would amount to €600 to €1,100 per month, which on an annual basis would sum to be approximately INR 5,79,000 to INR 10,61,000. However, with University residence halls, the cost of living would reduce considerably.

Application Procedure and Admission Process

France has one of the easiest application systems in the world. Foreign students can apply to as many as 20 different universities with one single application on the web!

However, all international students must submit IELTS/TOEFL scores to obtain admission. Other than that, Indian Baccalaureates are accepted by most French Universities, making it easier for students to apply at an undergraduate level.

Generally, a State of Purpose (SOP) and a couple of Academic References are required by the French Universities to obtain admission. However, wherever necessary, French Universities may also ask for GMAT or GRE scores, Portfolios or Essays.

Career Prospects in France

Career Prospects in France are pretty huge, especially in the field of Engineering, Medical and Space. However, you need to be fluent in French, if you plan to stay after your graduation in France.

As per the new regulations, students are permitted to take up part-time jobs in France, which should not exceed 964 hours per year.

Moreover, these new guidelines also allow international students to stay back for a period of 24 months after completing their post-graduation from a French University.

Scholarships in France

There are a good number of financial opportunities awaiting for international students to make attending university easier. Both loans and grants are available to students who qualify for the money. Additionally, the French government offsets some of the costs of attending university in the country, making it a wise financial choice to attend a college in France. 

Some of the scholarships available in France are as follows:

Global Study Awards

The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program

BrokerFish International Student Scholarship

Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

QS Connect Masters Scholarship

Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

Lady Meherbai D.Tata Education Trust Scholarship

The BL Mandhana Scholarships


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