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1 Understanding You

Through a series of psychometric tests and constant career counselling, we aim to understand your aptitude, interest and personality, so that we can help you with your goals

2 Course and College Selection

Based on your career aspirations, we map out the best course, university and country/city options for you!

3 Budget and Financial Management

We shortlist the right mix of courses, universities and country/city, based on your budget, along with finding appropriate scholarships and financial aids for you

4 Profile Building

Planning about how to enhance your profile, we focus on developing practical skills through a range of extra-curricular activities, such as: internship guidance, community services, summer programs, resume and portfolio building

5 Formation of an Application Timeline

Setting up the dates of forms, the check list of requirements for all shortlisted universities

6 Essay Editing and Applications

We, along with you, brainstorm on your essays and help you write an impeccable Statement of Purpose. We also help with Letter of Recommendations!

7 Constant Assessment and Follow-Ups

Right till your admission, we keep a constant check on your application submission with our career experts

8 Application for Scholarship and Financial Aid

As per the requirements, we apply for the appropriate scholarships and financial aids

9 Visa Guidance & Preparation

Setting up the dates of forms, the check list of requirements for all shortlisted universities

10 Pre-Departure Counselling

Right before your departure, we provide counselling

11 Fly away to your dreams!

First things first. Believe in yourself and secondly, trust us!

Why Study Abroad?

High Quality of Education

Flexible course Curriculum

Plentiful global institutes with good academic ranking and excellence

Part-time work opportunities available alongside

Abundant Research Opportunities

Vast playfield of course available


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