Aptitude Testing and Career Counselling

The objective of Aptitude Testing & Counselling is to understand aptitude, aspirations, interests, personality, strengths and weaknesses of the students and accordingly suggest the suitable career options. We, at Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development, provide counselling and psychometric testing for students in the following groups: Class 7-Class 8, Class 9- Class 10, Class 11-Class 12, College Students. The whole procedure would involve the following steps:

STEP 1: Structured interview where in a career counselling sheet which records the basic information - liked and disliked subjects, hobbies, reading/ writing etc. is filled up. Thereafter the student is asked to mark Career sheet according to their preferences from different streams available today like Science based careers, People based careers, creative careers, Business based Careers, Unconventional careers, and Agriculture based careers and so on.

STEP 2: : A written Psychometric aptitude test is administered by counsellors which evaluates student's Interests, Abilities and Personality. These tests are paper pencil tests which take about typically 2 1/2 - 3 hours. No prior preparation is required.

The different tests we conduct are:

a. CIS: Interest test is a paired comparison test sheds light on an individual's interest profile.
b. DBDA: This is a time-based test which assesses an individual on various abilities like - Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, Closure Ability, Spatial Ability, Reasoning Ability, Mechanical Ability, Psychomotor Ability, Clerical Ability.
c. MAPT: Personality test helps the counsellor in understanding the student's personality on following parameters (if need) - Adaptability, academic, achievement, boldness, competitiveness, creativity, enthusiasm, excitability, general ability, guilt proneness, individualism, innovation, leadership, maturity, mental health, morality, self-control, sensitivity, self-sufficiency, social warmth and tension.

STEP 3: Generation of the report and Evaluation.

STEP 4: Individual Counselling - Counselling by our Career expert about stream selection, subject selection, suitable career options, courses available, Institutions offering courses, and coaching institutes.


Studying is not difficult. But, a number of students who are intelligent also are not able to do well in studies because they don't understand how to study.
The parameters which influence how a student performs in studies are:
1. Concentration
2. Goal Orientation
3. Interaction
4. Drilling (Repeat & Memorize)
5. Note- taking (Recording)
6. Reference Material usage
We conduct a test called SHI (Study Habit Inventory) which lets us understand a student on the above-mentioned parameters & thereafter counseling is undertaken.

Note: - All "Psychological Tests" used by us are standardized tests.