The sports industry is no longer restricted to those with athletic prowess. If you are passionate for sports and fitness but do not want to go for hard core sports, then you can find your niche here. The sports industry has broadened its scope to a billion-dollar world of professional sports as well as fitness.

Degrees in sports-related programs also go beyond diplomas. Bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in sports are widely available in some of the best universities in the world. The field of sports branches out to Sports Management, Sports Coaching, Sports Sciences, Sports Medicine, Sports Psychology, Sports Journalism, etc.

Sports Management

Sports Management as a field has seen significant amount of growth. Sports management is all about understanding how to apply business and marketing techniques to the sports world. It is an interdisciplinary field, drawing on aspects of marketing, law, finance and business. From undergraduate to master’s level with majors in sports management, the area of sports management is essentially for individuals interested in planning, organizing, budgeting and evaluating aspects. Roles of supervision and leadership are assumed by sports management for sports teams, athletic programs or individual athletes. With a degree in sports management, responsibilities such as athlete schedules, developing budgets, communication with the media would also be undertaken, leading to a broad spectrum of potential roles- from legal advisors to sports agents.

USA and UK are the top international student destinations for pursuing Sports Management. One can also opt for Switzerland, Netherlands or Spain for pursuing sports management at undergraduate level.

For obtaining a bachelor’s degree in sports management, University of North Carolina and University of Florida offers the best courses in the US. Similarly, Loughborough University, Plymouth Marion University and University of Birmigham are the best universities in the UK for pursuing a bachelors in sports business and management. EU Business School in Barcelona and Switzerland are top-class for a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management.


For a master’s degree in sports management and administration, Florida State University and Temple University are the top universities in America. For acquiring an MBA in Sports Management, EU Business School, University of Oregon and George Washington University of Business are the best institutes.

Sports Coaching

Sports Coaching is an imminent job profile from the perspective of the field of professional sports. From coaching at school and college level to professional coaching, sports coaching as a branch of sports related program is highly popular in foreign universities. As a coach, one can be both a team leader and a mentor. Coaches are responsible for developing strategies and for teaching teamwork, sportsmanship and responsibility.

Australia and United Kingdom are the leading countries which provide world-class courses in Sports Coaching. University of Sydney and The University of Queensland are the top universities in Australia for obtaining a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in Sports Coaching. Similar bachelor’s degree in sports coaching is available in HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Finland as well which also is ranked highly. University of South Wales and University of Worcester in the UK are renowned for courses in sports coaching. The University of Florida specifically provides a degree in coaching baseball in the US.

Both the Australian universities also provide master’s degree in sports coaching which are highly renowned across the globe.

Sports Sciences

A relatively new discipline, sport science draws on fields such as physiology and biomechanics to ascertain a sportsperson’s physique; psychology to analyze the role of the mind in performance; nutrition to help athletes fuel their bodies correctly; and sports management to understand the financial and operational sides of the sports industry.

Australia, Canada and United Kingdom are the countries to look out for if one wants to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in sports science. In Australia, University of Sydney and University of Queensland specialize in Exercise and Sport Science at undergraduate level. University of Queensland also specialises in sports medicine degree, which is quite uncommon.

Whereas, in UK, Loughborough University and University of Birmingham are the best universities for obtaining a degree in sports science. University of Otago in Canada specialized in bachelor’s in sports science as well.

In the context of Netherlands, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is the best university, which has been highly recognised by QS Rankings for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in this area.

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology is a specialty that combines psychology, science and sports. Practitioners in this field focus on improving the mental health of athletes. While they primarily work with athletes, sports psychologists are also known to work with non-athletes in a variety of settings, utilizing their sports-centred techniques to help others achieve success off of the sporting fields.

An applied sports psychologist will help patients to enhance the personal performance of athletes by teaching methods of goal-setting. Clinical sports psychologists combine the teaching strategies from applied psychology with therapy modalities to assist patients who suffer from mental health problems like depression or eating disorders, or job-related stresses such as performance anxiety, poor self-esteem, and burnout.

The idea of sports psychology as a program mainly revolves around what motivates a sportsperson to perform, how a team works together and how cultural and lifestyle issues can affect performance. Issues of self-confidence, motivation, concentration, stress and anxiety are likely to be touched upon.

In UK, Loughborough University offers a specialized course in Sports Psychology and is fairly renowned, as per QS World Rankings. In Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona offers as Master’s as well as doctoral program in sports psychology. The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa offers a Bachelor’s in Sports Psychology to students. Whereas in United Kingdom, University of South Wales offers a Bachelors in Science in Sports Psychology.

However, one can also opt for a generic degree in Psychology at all levels, be it Clinical or Applied, if he/she wants to pursue Sports Psychology as a career.

Sports Nutrition

An offshoot of Sports Sciences, Sports Nutrition deals with the influence of food on health and wellbeing of a sportsperson. Specifics regarding different vitamins, supplements and regimes, along with dietary changes based on each individual’s needs is focused on in this field. Careers in this field include roles in research and product development as well as consultancy-based positions.

Plenty of universities in US provide degree in sports nutrition including Florida State University which offers degrees at master’s and doctoral levels, California State University which provides degrees at bachelor’s, master’s as well as doctoral levels, Mansfield University, Colorado State University, etc.

In United Kingdom, University College Birmingham, Plymouth University, University of Hertfordshire offer a bachelor’s degree in nutrition for health. Whereas, Loughborough University offers a Master’s in Science degree in Sports Nutrition, which has been ranked highest by QS World Ranking.

Another world-renowned certificate in this field is an IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition which is being offered in Australia.

Sports Journalism

Sports Journalism is a coming-of-age career option that extends beyond simply writing, presenting or producing sport-related news. Career opportunities include reporting, writing, editing, directing, hosting, announcing for various traditional and new media.

The focus of Sports Journalism also delves into the ethics, business, entertainment and social implications of this field. Although a special degree is not needed to become a Sports Journalist or a Sports Photojournalist, however a bachelor’s degree in English or Communications or Photography would prove beneficial.

As of now, no world-renowned university offers a specialized degree in sports journalism, however, a lot of globally recognized universities provide degrees in English, mass communication, media, etc.

While there are specific courses and programs being offered by the best global universities in sports-related fields, there are generic courses such as Bachelor’s in Sports and Exercise being provided by a lot of universities across the globe which are highly recognized. The maximum number of globally recognized universities for sports-related fields are situated in Australia with Massey University, University of Technology, Sydney, University of Adelaide, University of Sydney, to name a few. Similarly, a whooping number of universities in Europe such as University of Copenhagen, University of Edinburgh, University of Bath, University College London, University of Leeds, etc are also offering courses in sports-related fields. Furthermore, The University of Hong Kong, Yonsei University, JCU, Singapore, are a few universities that are offering degrees in sports-related fields in Asia.

Therefore, the sports industry is a wide-growing business, along with which its career opportunities are also extending beyond. So, if you are a sports lover but not specifically into sports, then you can still mingle your interest for sports with your prowess!


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