If you’ve got great customer service skills and want to start work in an industry with plenty of entry-level opportunities and the chance of rapid progression, a career in hospitality and travel could be just what you’re looking for. Although many people immediately think about hotel work when they hear the word “hospitality,” individuals seeking management positions in the field can choose among a number of viable employment sectors including travel and tourism, casino management, and various food and beverage industries.

The industry of travel and hospitality contributes for one out of every eleven jobs worldwide, thus, making it the world’s largest employer, according to the World Tourism Organisation UNWTO. The hospitality sector broadly caters to Event Management, Hotel Management, Tourism Development, Cultural Tourism, Food and Beverage Management, Adventure Tourism, Spa and Wellness Management and Casino Management.

For those with proper education, be it graduation or post-graduation,  and drive, the opportunities in the hospitality industry are limitless. The World Travel and Tourism Council states that economic growth in the industry has the highest potential for expansion, leading to maximum rate of career evolution. The hospitality sector, due to its nature, typically offers a range of unique and exciting fringe benefits too. Some of the top-paid and highly appealing careers in this sector are:


Chef jobs are one of the most creative jobs which justifies their high-end salaries in the hospitality sector. From the basics, chefs are also responsible for creating unique dishes and innovative food ideas. Chefs on cruises are paid even more. Specialisations in culinary arts that are particularly top-paid are Executive Chefs and Pastry Chefs. The salary of chefs vary according to the size and ranking of restaurants and hotels.

Hotel Management

Hotel Manager is a very respectable job profile in the hospitality industry. It is a job that requires quick thinking and the ability to organise people. Big hotel groups often employ staff who specialise in areas such as finance, marketing and human resources, and rapid progression to higher managerial roles is often possible. There are overseas opportunities ranging from ski resorts to Caribbean island retreats, and accommodation may be provided as part of the job.

A hotel has many operational jobs like the housekeeping, the human resources, the front desk etc. all of these or at least of the operations are to land under the supervision of a manager. However, the more the experience, the better the salary of a hotel manager. A degree in hotel management is a basic requirement to work as a Hotel Manager.

Restaurant Managers

Responsibilities for restaurant managers include planning shifts, overseeing standards of food, implementing health and safety procedures, and maintaining good service. Large restaurant chains are more likely to recruit staff into specialised roles. Some big employers have structured training programmes that you can enter at different levels and that offer career progression from waiting roles to shift manager and assistant manager positions. If you want to join a management training scheme, you may need further or higher education qualifications in a relevant subject.

 Restaurant Managers of fine dining and super luxury restaurants are future General Managers in the making. The post and salary are thus extremely rewarding, challenging and satisfying, all at the same time.

Event Coordinators

A demanding, yet high energy career working in hotels, resorts and conference centres setting up rooms and servicing events. If you enjoy seeing an event executed from the initial planning stages through to its end, this may be for you. This is a very spontaneous job that also requires travel, innovation and creativity. There are many different kinds of event that you could get involved in, from trade shows and careers fairs to research conferences and exhibitions. From organizing a 500-guest NGO Gala to raise awareness for humanity aid to political receptions and corporate holiday parties, your clientele is always changing, creating a unique environment that is never boring.

You may be able to join the industry in a higher-level role if you have relevant higher education qualifications. Your employer could be a company or venue with its own event management team or a specialised agency, and you could be responsible for tasks such as booking venues, arranging accommodation and organising material for attendees to take away with them.

Similarly, there are specialised profiles for Wedding Coordination as well. In Wedding coordination, it all comes down to the details and building relationships.

It is an extremely challenging and glamorous career prospect with a good pay.

Adventure and Recreation Workers

If you fancy being paid to go kayaking, abseiling, caving or trekking, this could be the career for you. There is also a desk-based aspect to this area of work, as you could spend time researching and planning expeditions. Depending on the precise nature of your role, you’ll need plenty of energy, excellent planning and organisational skills and a friendly, calm and confident personality.

These are the people that make the guests have fun at an amusement park, theme park or a recreational hospitality place. They are responsible for leisure, sports and other engaging activities.

There is another wing to this job profile where entertainment is the main focus. Career prospects such as social hostess, dancers and singers, flaring bartenders, etc. are in high demand in the modern party scenario, especially on cruises!

Casino Management

Casinos are in a niche that is extremely beneficial but risky. Casino hotels are some of the largest and luxurious hotels in the world. The key is to be passionate about managing and running casinos and the eagerness to learn every aspect of this job. This is one the highest paying jobs in the hospitality sector.

Spa and Wellness Management

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of a health or beauty spa, Spa and Wellness Management is an upcoming career prospect in the hospitality sector. Although it is not much recognised yet, however, it has good prospects in the near future. Based on the size of the operation the position can be customer service focused or more business focused. Handling all the marketing, schedules and training are some of the day-to-day operations of a Spa Manager.

Cabin Crew

Flight attendants, air hostess, hostess, etc. all come under this category. This is highly competitive and rewarding job category. These roles belong to the best of the lot in the hospitality industry. Best customer experience is the motto while you need to be able to create a rewarding travel experience overall and also focus on selling products. The duties of a cabin crew on a flight includes managing the inflight services, taking care of food beverage, and other customer service requests.

Salary is attractive while the perks are unlimited. Traversing the globe on a regular basis is definitely one of the best perks. You just need to have an impressionable personality, fluency in English and a basic degree in aviation management.


The tourism and hospitality industry is an umbrella covering a sea of fun and engaging careers, from being a food and beverage manager on a high-end cruise line to orchestrating a top sound music festival. The industry is tremendously varied and employers range in size from international household-name restaurant, hotel and travel groups to small family-run businesses. There’s also scope to set up your own business, though would-be entrepreneurs are likely to be best off working in the industry to gain experience and understanding before striking out on their own!




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