Train your career to lead a healthy and fit life by becoming a Yoga Trainer

“To perform every action artfully is Yoga”
What do we do when we are stressed? What does our doctor tell us? Meditate. 
We can all meditate our way through life, but what is most important is that if we can actually help people meditate their way. That is where Yoga takes place.
Yoga is the most ancient way to deal with inner peace, stability of the mind, recognition of true self. Yoga can cure mental illness such as depression. The more we practice yoga the more we look for masters, now if there are masters there would definitely be a path to have a yoga trainer as pursuing career, as it is a worldwide phenomenon.


What can be pursued in Yoga?
One can pursue as a yoga instructor, or yoga master. But the moment you decide to teach, it wont be about yourself but others too.

What is the work of Yoga Instructor?
Unlike 9-5, it doesn’t have working hours, as it has meditating hours, relaxing hours. It requires the ability to encourage clients into living a positive and healthy motivating life, with the help of  some controlled postures and breathing techniques. The job of a yoga teacher demands hard work and dedication.

How to pursue?

Though making your way in yoga industry can be quiet challenging, but with better knowledge and practice one can gain anything. Professional qualification in the field of yoga is imparted at both under graduateand post graduate levels. For post graduation program, minimum qualification is a Bachelor’s degree in any stream from a recognized university, although philosophy graduates are given preference. However there are certificate courses also available at degree and diploma levels.  Most of the times, specific education is not the key, the experience is the exposure to this field. . In this program, available at many different schools, the student will study and extensively practice:

  • Techniques in traditional yoga
  • Methods of Teaching
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Yoga history

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What Yoga instructors can earn
A yoga instructor has been trained in specific yoga techniques and philosophies in order to teach yoga to groups or in one-on-one settings. With the increasing demand for stress
busters, the world needs more n more of peace making people. With the popularity of the program, it has opened doors for yoga experts to work as instructors in resorts, gym, schools, health centers, tourist resorts, housing societies and large organizations. Even TV channels hire proficient yoga trainers, they are uploaded online.

A yoga teacher can charge from Rs 500 per session - Rs 20000 per session depending upon the specifics, the ultimate aim of client and the time frame.

Career Scope
As it promotes health consciousness, once trained, the graduate has a few career options. Many yoga instructors identify a specific population group they would like to work with, like children, seniors or pregnant women. Some teach as a therapy for the mind. Yoga instructors may look for employment in general fitness centers, yoga studios, or seek their own clients through self-employment. A yoga trainer could also add-on to the qualifications and expertise by completing a short 3-month nutritionist’ course.


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