Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) could be your gateway to destination Delhi University

“I probably have fundamentally antisocial tendencies. I never took one extracurricular activity.

I just failed utterly at that level. Part of me still rebels against that”

- Maya Lin

Why do we regret what we desire the most?

Maybe there are some obstacles when we are planning to reach towards particular goals, but those obstacles make a human both physically and mentally strong. Parents want their children to participate in extra-curricular activities along with studies, but what about when they grow up?

Is study the only focus?

Will study pass the merit, of-course it can! Hardwork always pays off, but what if, the time, you almost invested in your other activities during studies could actually make your name at the merit list?

Now, its possible! How? Read on...


DU is giving importance to making the admission procedure transparent or the players and all-rounders with average marks. The students can get admission under Sports and Extracurricular Activities (ECA) Quota and would find the process easier.

What is ECA?

It comes with great benefits to the students who are seeking admission in DU. The Extra-curricular activies at state, zonal, school, competitions, can help you get the extra benefit to pass the cut off percentage.

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ECA includes the following:

  • Theatre & Street Plays,
  • Dance (Indian, Western, Folk),
  • Choreography,
  • Vocal Music (Indian, Western, Folk),
  • Instrumental music,
  • Fine arts (painting, sketching, sculpting),
  • Debates (Hindi, English),
  • Creative Writing (Hindi, English),
  • Digital Media (photography, film making, Animation),
  • Quiz,
  • NSS & NCC.

Ever thought some of them could actually help?

Colleges in DU are offering host auditions for these activities and select them on the basis of their performance at auditions. However, this time students can apply for any college and any sports or ECA for any number of times. Students have options to apply in upto 25 categories under the ECA and appear for the audition, a better performance can assign the student some additional points.

How can ECA help me?

ECA can bring you a step infact 15-20 steps closer in order to reach your goal, as it provides you 15-20% additional percentage over your 12th percentages. Still confused? Let’s assume you score a 78% in 12th. With this percentage getting into the top colleges of DU is an impossible task. However, what if you received 15% from ECA? Say 5% in theatre, 2% in singing, 8% in creative writing. In an instant that raises your score to 93%; now this is actually what is going to make your step closer.

The one who wants to obtain this percentage, one needs to complete the following steps:

A. Fill out the regular DU form

B. Fill out the Sports Category form(if required)

C. Fill out the ECA form


How do I apply for ECA?

ECA forms are available at every college, and as per the ECA options options available in that college one can apply for auditioning process. DU has now eased the pain of standing in queue as the complete process is now online, as its both for DU as well as the outshining students applying. The student has to upload and upload all relevant documents in the centralized form. DU strictly holds seats under sports and ECA quota. ECA category is marked in 70:30 ratio with 70% points given based on audition process and 30% based on certificates. So now, you can even apply for activities for which you don’t have a certificate, however, some colleges may require a CD of your performances for instance in dance, vocal and theatre. The specific requirement of each college is mentioned in the ECA form.

Now, can you imagine all those late nights blogging, creative writing, journals, making something useful for yourself in order to meet your interest could actually help you out in reaching your desired percentage.

Just Keep Up with Extras!