Aptitude Testing & Individual Counselling

Every Student should undergo Career counselling before taking any Career decision in order to plan the career effectively to achieve heights on success in professional arena. It’s also important to understand diversified options available today. Getting a professional Counselling helps the students to get a direction if struggling to find one or helping to plan the career already taken in a more scientific and methodical manner.


The Counselling procedure followed is very simple and the objective of the session is to understand aptitude, aspirations, interests, personality, strengths and weaknesses of the students. The procedure starts with structured interview wherein a career counselling sheet which records the basic information like, liked and disliked subjects, hobbies, reading/ writing etc. is filled up. There are also asked to mark Career sheet according to their preference which gives detailed information about different streams available today like Science based careers, People based careers, creative careers, Business based careers, unconventional careers, and agriculture based careers and so on.


A written Psychometric aptitude test is conducted which is helpful in evaluating students’ Interests, Ability and Personality. These tests are paper pencil tests which take about typically 2 hours. No prior preparation is required.

The different tests we conduct are:

CIS: Interest test which is a paired comparison test to judge an individuals profile.

DBDA: Aptitude test which is time based test which tests an individual on various abilities like – Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, Closure Ability, Spatial Ability, Reasoning Ability, Mechanical Ability, Psychomotor Ability, Clerical Ability.

MAP T: Personality test, each individual is different and this test helps the counsellor in understanding the student’s personality on following parameters.

Adaptability, academic, achievement, boldness, competitiveness, creativity, enthusiasm, excitability, general ability, guilt proneness, individualism, innovation, leadership, maturity, mental health, morality, self control, sensitivity, self sufficiency, social warmth and tension.


Evaluation is the next step once the test is conducted. Once evaluated the reports are generated with interest areas, Levels of ability, Personality types, suitable subjects, Main and alternative career options, Areas for training career path, admissions procedure, list of Best colleges/universities, Few Career tips.


Individual Counselling is the next and most important step of the process without which tests results are inadequate. Here students and parents get counselled by Our Career expert about suitable career options, Stream selections, subject selection, Courses available, Institutions offering courses, and Individual Academic problems and the solutions, Needed behaviour adjustments, Areas for improvement, Improving study effectiveness, And adjustment issues.

CCD Reach

  • Delhi Public School-Noida ( Last 3 years)
  • Delhi Public School Ghaziabad-Ghaziabad ( Last 7 years)
  • St. Columbas School-Ashok Place ( Last 4 years)
  • Delhi Public School-Varanasi ( Last 4 years)
  • St. Thomas School-Mandir Marg
  • Convent of Jesus & Mary School, Ashok Palace
  • Delhi Public School-Bhatinda
  • Army Public School-Beas
  • Amity International School, Saket, Noida, Pushp Vihar, Mayur Vihar
  • Assam Valley School-Assam
  • Birla Vidya Niketan- Saket
  • St. George’s –Mussorie
  • Vidya Devi Jindal School-Hissar
  • Venkateshwara International School-Dwarka
  • D.A.V Public School-Shrestha Vihar
  • St. Pauls Academy – Safdarjung Development Area, Delhi
  • Andhra Education Society
  • Titiksha Public School-Rohini
  • Modern Public School-Shalimar Bagh
  • Cambridge School-Indirapuram