5 reasons why INTEGRATED COURSES are not boring

#5. Save the hassle of multiple entrances: Integrated courses are combined courses for either bachelors with masters or masters with PhD or your course of choice with a foreign or Indian language programme or Management with other fields such as technology, pharmacy or banking. IIT Kharagpur, Vinod Gupta School Of Management and IIT Mumbai, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management offer Integrated B. Tech – MBA programmes.

A Comprehensive Guide to Misconceptions in Career Planning

Umpteen number of times we have heard the elders saying: Maths nahin loge to bahut kam career options rahenge. Maths padhne se dimag tej ho jaata hai. Maths toh sab competitions mein aata hai. Maths ke bina 3rd class careers hi milenge. After engineering, do MBA. Then take up a job with an MNC or a big company’. Many people think on these lines. As a result, the number of unemployable engineers and MBAs is growing while private colleges keep making money. Such a situation can be avoided if a child is helped to understand himself and gets career information in detail.

How to Ensure Effective Career Planning ?

As we hurtle through facebooks, youtubes & blogspaces, the conventional norms change. Choreographer Farah Khan is venturing into film direction, superstar Amitabh Bachchan is lending his voice to songs while Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly run chains of restaurants. The traditional scenario in which people would stick to one career throughout their life is becoming increasingly obsolete.

Amazing World of New & Offbeat careers

It is a fact and a matter of serious concern that students, as well as their parents are following the herd mentality, while deciding on education and career options. To make a judicious career choice, one should take into account the aptitude, interests, values and personality of the student. This needs careful consideration of not only the students but their parents as well. These days both new and offbeat careers stand in fashion. Read on to know more about the two.

Offbeat Careers

Popular offbeat careers include-